Frozen Greek Yogurt Bars from @eatYasso

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I LOVE trying new snacks I find at the grocery store. I was so excited from  Yasso from Food Fete contacted me about their new line of delicious Greek Yogurt bars. These 5 new flavors are amazing!!

1. Peanut Butter Cup – creamy and smooth 130 calories

2. Mint Chocolate Chip- Cool mint and smooth chips YUM!

3. Chocolate Fudge – Yogurt and cocoa for chocolate lovers

4. Dark Chocolate Raspberry – Tart berry bar with chocolate coating

5. Sea Salt Caramel – Light swirl and 100 calories only

My favorite is the mint chocolate chip.  They have 6 other flavors too, totally in 11 yummy bars.  They are only 100 calories and perfect for a mid day treat.   I am looking forward to picking these up at Whole Foods!  Have you tried them? Which one is your favorite flavor?

How did the Yasso brand get started?  Read the story below:

In July of 2009, Amanda and Drew teamed up after she was introduced to the idea of making frozen Greek yogurt while working as a food broker for her father, Stu. The two former Division 1 athletes embarked on a journey from scratch to create a good-for-you product of the highest quality in the frozen novelty category. After a degree from Ice Cream Camp (yep, seriously), countless road trips and over a year of research and development, they executed their first production run in September.

The first order of Yasso was delivered in March 2011. Amanda and Drew immediately focused their attention on in-store promotions, sampling, charity events, and social media. Consumers quickly became loyal fans, and Yasso was growing rapidly. Now staffed with a team of fun and energetic people, Yasso has become one of the fastest-growing novelty brands in the country. As they look to the future, Yasso will continue to create products that are delicious, nutritious, and authentic…the same values Yasso has had since its inception.

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