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Smell Rich Hippie

On Sunday 2 March the 86th annual Academy Awards will be rolling into town and just like everyone else Rich Hippie will be waiting with baited breath to see who will be taking to the stage with their well-prepped acceptance speech.
 Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 4.55.50 PM
This year’s host is the inimitable Ellen DeGeneres. For the comedienne it will be a welcome return to the Oscars ceremony – she previously hosted the awards in 2007. If we had to compare America’s favourite talk show host to a Rich Hippie perfume it’s an easy choice. The warm, deep notes of Rich Hippie’s Nirvana perfectly match the warmth the star exudes. This scent is a highly romantic choice thanks to its wild crafted ingredients, including organic Indian sandalwood, West Indian wild bay leaf and organic Italian bergamot peel. So if Ellen’s looking for a perfume to give her the confidence to stand up in front of a global audience of thousands this is the one for her.
Of course the most hotly contested award on the night will be that of Best Picture. Although it faces stiff competition from the likes of American Hustle and Dallas Buyers Club we’re rooting for the off-beat film Her. This Spike Jonze film features Joaquin Phoenix falling in love with his new computer operating system – voiced by the gorgeous Scarlett Johansson. And we’re sure that if anyone can add some glitz and glamour to Oscars night it will be Scarlett. Come Monday we’re expecting to see images of her dressed to the nines splashed across the world’s headlines as fashionistas eagerly look forward to analysing her outfit of choice. Of course, if she’s looking for the perfect accessory to her best frock we can highly recommend Rich Hippie’s Wild Thing. Expertly blended with rare Indian jasmine, Albanian orris root and Egyptian rose this is a perfume that is truly special. Just like Scarlett, it’s intoxicating, romantic and sensual with a floral edge to it.
Moving on to Best Actress in a Leading Role we’re hoping that Cate Blanchett’s name will be called out, for her stand-out performance in Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine. At this year’s Golden Globes the actress not only took an award for her role in the film, but she also wore some of the first pieces of jewelery from Eco Age’s Green Carpet Challenge – a scheme to raise the profile of ethical fashion on the red carpet. We’re hoping the actress will make a similar fashion statement at the Oscars – and thanks to Rich Hippie’s faultless eco credentials she couldn’t go wrong by opting to wear one of our organic perfumes. We use only carefully sourced ingredients from small-scale farmers and no phthalates, fixatives or preservatives are added to ensure the purity and ethical standards that many of our customers demand.
We’re looking forward to seeing one of our favourite Red Carpet stars – Julia Roberts. The beautiful actress is up for nomination for Best Actress in a Supporting Role thanks to her performance in August: Osage County. Ever since she pulled on her knee high boots in Pretty Woman we’ve been in love with Julia – in a world of celebrities who see beauty in fillers, botox and liposuction, Julia has always shone out for her natural beauty. If we were to select a scent for her to wear to the Oscars we’d select Rich Hippie Shambala. Packed full of beautiful natural ingredients from across the globe – including organic Indian jasmine petals, French and Croatian lavender bud, Bulgarian, Tunisian and Moroccan rose petals and Madagascan ylang ylang flowers – this is a sexy, sweet, spiritual and uplifting floral perfume which we think perfectly sums up Julia.
Finally we couldn’t leave out the men – Rich Hippie also has a number of unisex scents to keep them happy too. For Leonardo DiCaprio – up for Best Actor in a Leading Role for his film The Wolf of Wall Street – we’d select Utopia, as we know it matches up to his demand for earth friendly products. Featuring a fresh mix of citrus extracts including Japanese Yuzu and Pink Grapefruit, this perfume is sexy, fresh and deep – and of course importantly for Leonardo it has impeccable ethical credentials.
So, while you wait for the Oscars to start why not log on to For every scent you purchase you can select another of equal value or less for absolutely no cost! All you need to do is enter the name of your chosen free perfume in the comment box and we’ll do the rest. Happy shopping!

The Connection between Who you Date and What you Eat @AYIDATING

What you put in your mouth says a lot about you, or rather, who will date you. After analyzing 2.4 million interactions, dating site discovered just how much your dietary preferences affect your dating life.


The data they found can not only help you find your perfect match, but can help you decide where to take your date out to eat just by looking at their profile—because there’s no faster way to ruin a first date than taking a vegetarian out to a steakhouse! Here’s what says to look for:

  • Gender—It turns out that men prefer vegetarian women 11% more than meat eaters, yet women prefer meat eaters 13% more than vegetarians.
  • Ethnicity—Indians are 11x more likely than all other ethnicities to be vegetarian, while Native Americans (followed by African-Americans) are the most likely to be meat eaters. Asians most often identify as healthy eaters—twice as often as African-Americans or Caucasians.
  • Religion—Christians are the most likely to be meat eaters, while Hindus are over 8x more likely than any other religion to be vegetarian/vegan.
  • Education—According to, the more education you have, the more likely you are to be a healthy eater. Those with a Ph.D. are 3x more likely than someone with any other degree to be vegetarian, while those without any collegiate experience are 17% more likely than all other education levels to be meat eaters.
  • Location—It’s no surprise that the state your date is from also plays a role in how healthily they eat. California, New York and Florida are the three states with the highest percentage of healthy eaters, while North Dakota, West Virginia and Montana are the least healthy. So if you’re taking a California girl out, you might want to stay away from that greasy burger joint, but if she’s from North Dakota, she might appreciate the grub!


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