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@Clayspray for Your Winter Skincare Routine

I’d love believe that with over half of February behind us, Old Man Winter is making his retreat… but these weekly (and sometimes twice weekly) snowstorms and cold weather tell a different story. So until I can start thinking about packing away the the heavy coat and switching to something light and springy, my winter skincare routine is in full effect.

Here are my top 5 winter skincare quick tips:

  1. Go easy on the heat.
    Hot water dries out your skin, so suds up with lukewarm water instead.
  2. Time the moisturizer.
    Apply moisturizer immediately after washing your face while it’s still damp; it will absorb moisture better.
  3. Don’t ditch the sunscreen.
    There are less hours of sunlight each day, but winter sun combined with snow glare can still damage skin.
  4. Switch to a heavier moisturizer.
    The same light moisturizer that gets you through the summer might not cut it in the winter. Switch to a heavier cream to combat winter dryness.
  5. Let your skin glow.
    Shed that layer of dull, dead skin by using an exfoliating mask to smooth and add a natural glow.

Keeping those tips in  mind, I recently tried out Clayspray, a clay mask in a spray. The Clayspray line consists of five different masks, each addressing a specific skin care concern: Pore Refining, Skin Brightening, Glow, Toning and Mattifying.


I considered the different options and decided on Glow because wheres my skin is oily in the summer, it tends to be dry during the winter.


It comes out like a gel shaving cream. I like that I didn’t have to fumble with a tube–it’s very convenient to apply.

After I sat with the mask on for a few minutes while it dried, I was able to easily rinse it off — and the results? My skin felt softer, refreshed and had a noticeable glow. Most clay masks have a drying effect because they work to draw out impurities and environmental toxins from deep within your pores. But Clayspray also deposits moisture and nutrients to your skin, which makes it different from regular clay masks. It’s awesome because that means I don’t have to follow up my clay mask with a moisturizing mask like I normally do in the winter.

The clay is sourced from the Irene Mine in Spain’s Iberian Peninsula where it has been protected from pollution and contamination for thousands of years.

To find Clayspray, visit:


It’s All Fun and Games @ToyFairNY 2014

The New York Toy Fair was so much fun!  A ton of new games and toys and a whole bunch of invention were unveiled at the Toy Fair this year.

Some of my favorites below!

 IMG_5794 IMG_5764IMG_5722 IMG_5714

Putty that matches my nails! Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty


Think Grumpy!




Kid Robot Yummmyyyy




Fou Fou Baby


Cool Invention for new moms! Cup Catcher

IMG_5686 IMG_5683

The first 3D printer pen


Locker Decorations IMG_5680 IMG_5679

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Everything You Need to Know About DIY DYE

I am on a real DIY roll this week!  I am excited to introduce the DIY DYE book.  This book has info about how to do your own funky hair dyes at home. You can use everyday items like chalk, Kool Aid, henna, teas and even food coloring.

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 5.28.41 PM

With bright colors, you can experiment to see which color suits your mood or outfit best. We have been seeing a ton of bright colors on the runway and fashion magazines.  Some inspiration for you and  you can get the book online at Barnes and Noble.


With the tips in this book, you can go wild with fire engine red streaks or bright green tips. . You can personalize your look with any style and color. There are over 100 ways to enhance your look in tho shook.

Loren Lankford is a Georgia native, NYU film grad and current LA dweller. When she isn’t rescuing dogs from high kill shelters, thrifting items for her online shop Southern Dropout or editing her craft website, she is doing freelance work.

To win this book, tweet a #Selfie of your hair @heydoyou



The (f)Unemployed Casualite

We are at the age of the causalite.  The hybrid of casual x elite is a phenomenon in itself, with inspiration from Hollywood to cities around the world. They are easy to spot, with seemingly casual apparel with a heavy price tag attached.  Sweatpants over $170, lambskin shoe laces around $60, T-shirts for over $100 and exclusive sneakers are all part of deal.  They are everywhere and you have seen from from New York to Vegas to Toronto.

Image via John Elliott

They are freelancers, they have their own business, they are celebrities on Instagram and boast of 100K + followers. they are not exactly unemployed but they are between project and contracts. They always have a budding idea and these casualites must be “unemployed”. That means that job have to be fun and in line with their ‘passion’.  Programed to be anti corporation and absolute individualists, there are too many people around “making it happen” to not buy into the hype.

@tortorr on IG

But with a room full of wheels and no one who wants to be a spoke, how does this move forward?

Will the future look like 50 year old employees with 24 year old CEOs?