Posts Written On February 15, 2014

All Weather @OrtliebUSA XL Messenger Bag

This winter has been horrendous!  It is snowing, raining, snow raining, and it has been non stop. With slippery sideways, slush puddles and black ice. What has New York City become?  Snowpocalypse! After 3 mild winters and one in LA, I almost forgot what ‘winter’ was.  The one saving grace is the all weather Ortlieb XL Messenger Bag that has saved me so many times.  The King-sized messenger bag come with velcro flap closure for extra security. The Messenger Bag XL is made of robust polyester and Cordura fabric. It’s ideal for bulky goods and large documents. All of it’s small details make it the ideal bag for bike messengers everywhere.

This bag is so big and so useful that even Jacob can fit in it! It measures  24 x 17 x 9 inches.

We had some other great uses for this bag too.  From protecting documents and small boxes to the post office to delivering leather handbags to models during New York Fashion Week, this bag comes in handy every day. Click here and see the bag in 360.


See the XL bag and other messenger bags from Ortlieb here that is guaranteed to last a New York lifetime!