Posts Written On January 27, 2014

The NAKED HEART by CARR candle

An edgy Valentine’s Day present for your significant other? Consider the Naked Heart Candle. Based on the designs of Zack Carr, this sophisticated collection for men and women blends heritage with modern. CARR debuted in September 2012. The women’s collection is sold at Bloomingdale’s and the men’s collection is at Saks Fifth Avenue. Texas-born brothers Zack and George Carr broke into the New York fashion scene and become known for their work at Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and Zack Carr Collection. After Zack’s untimely death, George inherited thousands of design sketches. George and his creative team have interpreted these sketches and used them as the cornerstone in the development of a new, sophisticated lifestyle brand.  CARR beautifully blends archetypal and modern, the tribal and the urbane, family heritage and a fresh look forward.

The NAKED HEART by CARR candle is made in France and draws aroma from star anise, coriander, cut grass and cardamom. Both the scent and packaging capture the luxurious clean lines of CARR with a touch of the romantic. Enjoy a bit of the CARR style into your home with this beautiful candle. It boasts of a sensual and sophisticated scent. Like all quality candles, you only need to burn it for 15 mins and it will fragrance your house for the entire day.

NAKED HEART by CARR is available for $55.00 for a 7.05oz size, and a burning time of approximately 50 hours.

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