Posts Written On January 12, 2014

Hot Cocktails from @Rekorderlig Cider

After a full week of cold and polar vortex, what can be more appropriate than a hot winter cocktail recipe?

Check this out – the Rekorderlig Pear, a fourth generation Swedish cider that just launched stateside. It’s delightfully crisp and balanced on its own when served chilled, but the Winter Fire cocktail is a careful blend that yields a perfectly complex hot drink. If you are not familiar with ciders like Strongbow or cider drinks, you are really in for a treat! They can also be poured with Guinness to create a cool Black and Tan drink.

(pic via Pinterest)

Winter Fire
250ml  Rekorderlig Pear
5-6  thin slices of Ginger
20ml  lime juice
30ml  Honey water (3 parts honey 1 part hot water) or squeeze tube honey
3  dashes Angostura bitter
Heat it up and serve, keep the ginger floating in the glass.

Yummy Treats from @ITSUGAR

“Bad Hair Days Don’t Have to Suck” lollipops –part of the new SEVENTEEN candy line at ITSUGAR stores across the country and online— can make even the most epic bad hair day better.



We love candy

My absolute favorite combination on a hot summer day is chocolate ice cream and gummy frogs. When the ice cream melts, it looks like they are swimming in mud. Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 11.32.56 AM

Seventeen Prince Charming Bag

Turn a frog into your prince charming with these gummy frogs! Exclusively from IT’SUGAR. YUM

At $3.99, they’re a great way to infuse a little fun and levity into an otherwise “hairy” situation. Stock up for those coiffing catastrophe, give them to your follicly-challenged friends,– you could even send one to Donald Trump or others dealing “do” disasters.

Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 11.26.52 AM

I am moving to Noho in 3 days and ITSugar is just around the corner!  Can’t wait to stop up and pick up marshmallows and gummy candies from time to time 🙂

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