Posts Written On January 06, 2014

Body Repair in this Cold Freeze @GarnierCAN


Canadian Winter beauty secrets gifts from my friends at Garnier Body. ❄️

1⃣ Body Repair intensive lotion with Canadian Maple extract

This lotion smells amazing, not like Maple but something else… It is not-sticky and has the consistency of regular lotion but has a much longer staying power. I use this straight out of the shower all over for the much needed moisture boost especially in the cold frigid winter days.
2⃣ Body Repair reparative balm with Shea butter and glycerin …for super cold days like today!

The uncomfortable and extra-dry skin… especially on my legs!  The snake like skin on my legs from shaving really needed a ‘balm’ like this. It is more than a moisturizer but a bit more absorbent than a Vaseline or butter.  It provides 48H of nourishing hydration. 

3⃣ Cozy socks a la @rootscanada with a red and white peekaboo seam for boots

These are a no brainer for any Canadian fashionista!
4⃣ Golden maple syrup from Canada’s finest

Maple Syrup Creme brûlée! Yes!

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