Woo with Bamboo @Gaiam dog bowls

Pocky can’t wait to dig into tonight’s pre-dinner snack, served in her new green bamboo dog bowl by Gaiam.  But she knows the drill- first tricks, then treats.  “Sit!”  “Paw!”  “Lay down!”  “Roll over!”  “Good girl!”  OK, now for the toughest trick of all…

"Stay, Pocky! Stay!"
“Stay, Pocky! Stay!”

The temptation to chow down is killing her.  What’s worse is that Momo can’t read- it clearly says “DOG” on the bowl.

Momo wants in on the bamboo action too!
Momo wants in on the bamboo action too!

After patiently waiting, the time has come.  “Go ahead and eat, Pocky.  You’ve earned it!”


Pocky’s bowl is by Gaiam, the creators of pet & earth-friendly pet products.  This one was made from recycled bamboo fiber and rice husk.  It’s lead and cadmium free, FDA approved, SGS certified and made in the good ol’ US of A.   It’s big enough to fit 24 oz of goodness for your pup.


Find Gaiam eco-friendly pet supplies on their website.

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