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I’ll admit it- I love a good snack session.  Sometimes I just need those in-between mini meals to get through the day.  That being said, it’s not always easy to find a snack that my body won’t hate me for later.  And if I do find something healthy, it’s not too often that it will taste very good.  I can recall times when I was on the road, touring with my band, thinking “I really wish this truck stop had SOMETHING I can eat that doesn’t contain some kind of artificial crap.”  As it turned out, my only options were over ripe bananas or stale peanuts in a bag.  Luckily, I feel like I hit the jackpot on my recent snack discoveries.

First, I present you with Enjoy Life Foods Chewy Bars.  I’m just going to get this out of the way right now: I love these things!  Seriously.  Now, I have a go-to snack that is free of any artificial ingredients whatsoever, free of the eight most comment allergens (including gluten, nut, dairy, & soy), and actually TASTES GOOD.  They come in four flavors, including Cocoa Loco, SunButter Crunch, Mixed Berry and Caramel Apple.  Trying these is a good idea.  (


Next up, there is a new player in the jerky game and he isn’t messing around.  Meet Jonty Jacobs.  They make a natural, chemical and preservative-free line of dried beef slices and sausage (also known as biltong and droëwors, respectively).  What sets this jerky apart from any other I’ve had is it’s fine quality.  This beef is grass-fed, made in the USA, and cured using a traditional South African method.  Like our previous snack, there are no chemicals or additives in this product- only the GOOD STUFF.  And yes, it is good.  It’s like I’m tasting the meat from beef brisket sandwich from my local NYC deli-  juicy and delicious, but dried for anytime enjoyment.  (

Jonty Jacobs05

Finally, Fruitmania is a ready-to-drink “single shot” of five full servings of fruits and vegetables, along with dietary fiber.  Again, I am so happy to share that they are all natural and free of fat, gluten, cholesterol, lactose, and preservatives.  These nutrition packed drinks are made in the USA by NuvoSport and so tasty that they are gaining popularity across the world in China.  When introduced at a Chinese New Year celebration and Autumn moon cake festival, these drinks were a hit.  I liked the Fruit Punch best.  (


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