Posts Written On November 09, 2013

@SenteCream Combines Science + Beauty — You’ve Gotta Try This!

How’s that skin cream working out for you? If you’re not getting results there’s a fantastic skincare line on the market you’ve gotta try. It’s called Senté Dermal Repair Cream and it’s been created for all ages and skin types to improve the tone, texture, elasticity, and overall appearance of skin.


And there’s science to back it up! Senté Dermal Repair Cream helps the body replenish the essential skin nutrients that are lost with aging and UV exposure. It will synthesize the essential proteins and keep your skin appearing rested, smooth and more vibrant than before. How? With bioactive glycoproteins (the essential building blocks).


The cream is light and velvety. Not heavy like some other creams. And it comes with wonderful key ingredients, such as kernel oil, camellia leaf extract, shea butter, Vitamin E and Vitamin A.


Senté Dermal Repair Cream is medical grade, hypoallergenic and fragrance-free, and it’s all developed by a team of prominent scientists and dermatologists in Southern California. And better still, Senté Dermal Repair restores and enhances the skin’s intrinsic ability to heal itself (for scarring or sunburn) and provides immediate profound hydration. Check out the testimonials to find out just how great this stuff is!

You can grab this luxurious line of skin cream through dermatologists and physicians throughout the U.S. ($169.95 for 50ml or $79.95 for 15ml), or order it exclusively from




Back to the Roots Aquafarm from @Nordstrom

The Back to the Roots Aquafarm is an amazing little two-in-one invention is a self-cleaning fish tank that grows plants and herbs in a garden on top on the tank. Grow organic produce like basil, lettuce and wheatgrass right from the comfort of your own kitchen.  The AquaFarm is an at-home, closed-looped ecosystem that was developed using principles of aquaponics in which the fish waste in the water is naturally used to fertilize the plants and herbs and they in turn clean the water for the fish. Each tank also comes with a discount coupon towards a beta fish to help you get your aquarium set up.


AquaFarm is available at Whole Foods, Nordstrom’s and Petco and retails for $59.99

and some more beautiful fish ideas…