Posts Written On November 05, 2013

New App @NightupLife @RegularQuis does #1OAK

Hey it’s Marquis, back with another event guest post. Lets get right in to it, so for Halloween this year I went to a costume party at, drum roll… 1Oak!

This is probably nothing to everyone from New York but me being from Boston and for everyone else from the outside world, 1Oak is the place to get in to.

photo 1

Also to make this night even more cool and to give out free advertising points, I used an iPhone app called NightUp. NightUp is a night club app straight out of London that just recently landed in New York and it (lowkey) is a night life bible!!! Take a look at it when you get a chance!

photo 2

So all in all, my night was amazing and I didn’t even end my night at 1Oak but that’s another story. That’s all I have this time around, stay tuned for the next event.

photo 4
Your favorite party crasher,