Posts Written On October 23, 2013

Add @PurposeSkincare To Your Winter Skincare Routine!

If you have sensitive skin and you’re looking for a gentle line of skincare products to use everyday, let me introduce you to PURPOSE!


PURPOSE cares for your skin, so every product has been made to gentle cleanse and remove oil and makeup without stripping the skin like harsh soaps can. They also carry a wonderful water-based SPF 15+ moisture lotion that absorbs quickly and keeps sensitive skin protected in the sun.

The two products I’ve been using for the past week are the Gentle Cleansing Wash and the Gentle Cleansing Bar. Both are oil free, hypoallergenic and won’t clog pores. And as a side note, the Gentle Cleansing Bar smells incredible.


The PURPOSE Gentle Cleansing Wash is gentle enough for ALL skin types and has been clinically proven to be as gentle as water, so it’s perfect for removing eye makeup after a night out. It also won’t over dry or irritate your skin, so it’s great for using every day. I’ve been using the cleansing wash in the morning as an alternative to my regular cleanser and my skin is loving me for it!


In the evening I’ve been using the PURPOSE Gentle Cleansing Bar. I don’t ordinarily enjoy using soap-like bars on my face because my skin feels incredibly tight and stripped of all the oil afterwards, but this one was developed with dermatologists and is so gentle on my skin. I lather it up with a little water and cleanse away all the makeup and dirt on my face. It keeps my skin soft, smooth and feeling so clean I love it!

Cleansing Bar

Both the PURPOSE Gentle Cleansing Wash and the PURPOSE Gentle Cleansing Bar retail from $4 to $11 at pharmacies and drugstores—a great, inexpensive addition to your winter skincare routine.

Visit for more info. and to join the PURPOSE Skincare Club to receive special promos and offers!


Tame that Frizz with @Trissola

I am a big fan of before and after photos just for the pure shock factor! Some changes are not noticeable or dramatic unless the pictures are put side by side so check out tthe Trissola Facebook page.

Before: frizzy, and unmanageable, could not blow dry it out with out it breaking.

After: For being a temporary, demi color Solo created incredible shine!

This week, I had a chance to meet the founders of Trissola at the Sak’s Fifth Avenue salon and see how this new product is changing lives of women and men worldwide.  Trissola is not a blow out and it is not a straightener.  It is a system that you can use to restore shine and close cuticles (eliminate frizz) and make your hair more ‘tame’.

The process takes around 2 hours and stays for 90 days. I think this is just perfect for someone who has unruly hair, over colored hair and someone who wants that oomph!


The delicious lunch from the awesome Trissola team – thank you!


The at home ‘taming’ system from Trissola


This demo model had wavy hair before that was lack luster. Now look at shiny it is!


I tried the at home shampoo and conditioner that is suppose to further enhance your hair’s tameness after your treatment.  They smell SO GOOD!! The leave-in conditioner smells like fresh baked cookies.  I didn’t get the treatment yet and my hair isn’t that unruly so…

What do you think?



Smooth la la!


Shiny and no frizz!

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