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@ASPCA Young Friends Benefit

2013 Annual ASPCA Young Friends Benefit, Copycat

CEO Matt Bershadker  – Adopt Remy here

credit: BFA / Laila Bahman


A few days ago Tai and I were invited to the Young Friends Benefit in NYC by the ASPCA. The event inspires young professionals to make a difference in the lives of animals through social, educational and philanthropic activities.


The venue was right off the westside highway in the Frank Gehry-designed The IAC HQ (555 West 18th Street, NYC). It’s a wonderful evening of cocktails, dancing, hors d’oeuvres, and do-gooding that will benefit and raise awareness for our four-legged friends to help them find good, healthy homes.

There were 3 kinds of pizza cut into small squares, pita and hummus and a whole table full of candies. Of course the bar was well stocked and incredible items for silent auction. Some of the items in included dog acupuncture, underwater dog books for kids, purse from Michael Kors and everything from Jewelry to custom tailored suit. All for a good cause of course.

I have a soft spot for rescue dogs because it really takes a patient and special opportunity for you to receive the gift of love from a dog. The connection that I have with Jacob is incredible and I would recommend it for anyone! You think you are changing the dog’s life when really the dog is showing a whole new side of reality to you.

That sweetie pie Remy – She is so gentle and would be a great pet for anyone!

Music by DJ Kiss was amazing! 🙂

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