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Protect Yourself While Staying On-Trend with BLINGSTING @love_blingsting

Ok ladies (and gents who love a bit of bling) here’s the most stylish way to protect yourself: BLINGSTING.


It might look like a just another cute accessory but this little bedazzled device does double duty and is also a super potent pepper spray that will make sure you’re protected, no matter where those stilettos take you.

Blingsting works like any regular pepper spray canister—a simple press of the actuator cap and it shoots out OC pepper spray (each canister has roughly 0.5 oz.). And it’s legal to carry these in all 50 U.S. states—bonus!


The Blingsting collection is made up of four different colors –-pink, black, silver and red, all glittering with rhinestones and with either gold-tone or silver-tone key chain clips. Clip one of these onto your backpack for school or keep it in your purse on a night out—they’re that fashionable.


Keep yourself safe—on campus, after work, on a night out—but keep Blingsting on hand for those just-in-case moments. Blingsting retails for $25 and can be purchased online at!


Girlie Fun Events with @PamperMeFab

Photo Oct 13, 9 52 26 AM PMF logo

This event was held last weekend and a ton of NYC and NJ women came out to shop, dance and eat. There were fitness classes, jewelry vendors, massages and lots of goodies to try. It was really refreshing to see all these women get together for a day of fun and leave their husbands in peace for Sunday Football.

Our gift bags included a ton of goodies like Colby’s Kettle Corn gift certificate (Which I already ordered), Murad beauty products, Pop Chips with Katy Perry and various beauty samples, body oils and lipgloss. I am so happy I got to catch up with Leaura from EverSoPopular and reconnect with our friend at Hanes.

Catch their next event in a city near you!

“This an event produced by women, made for women. 

When it comes to the end of the day, we think there is nothing better than rewarding one’s accomplishments, taking time out to nurture our mind, body, and spirit, spending quality time with our girlfriends or colleagues, and indulging in some shopping, pampering and beauty. Add to that feel good exercise and enlightenment of the mind, and at Pamper Me Fabulous, you will get to do just that.

We produce Pamper Me Fabulous because we believe that every woman deserves just that type of experience which elevates us all to a higher state of well being.

We salute you for being the amazing woman you are. We hope that you’ll come to Pamper Me Fabulous to celebrate your individual and collective accomplishments with your girlfriends and colleagues. You deserve it!” 

Event hashtag: #pampermefab




IMG_2018 IMG_2470 Photo Oct 13, 9 50 05 AM IMG_1814 output_RD0fQcCheck me out doing ballet 🙂



That Tricky Fall Fashion @HanesHosiery @coopandhen @limecrime

Step to Love

The weather is so weird!  I remember Octobers to be snowstorms and now it is unseasonably warm in the 20’s!  The only way to make sense of this strange weather and what you should wear so you don’t get sick is difficult.  The one key item that will make a world of difference in your ootd (outfit of the day) is HANES tights!  These babies will give you the right transition from summer to fall and day to night.  this could easily be a summer outfit if you rocked this with bare legs but because of the textures – Pony hair flats from Coopandhen and the denim jacket with heather sleeves from Rag & Bone, this is now your perfect fall outfit.  Hanes has a wide range of textures, opacity and colors so make sure you pick up at least 3 pairs to get you through November.  A bright lip is my signature look so thank you to Lime Crime  for being the cherry on top.

Food Tips from @KeriGans

5 Foods That May Contribute to Stress at Work

1. Foods High in Caffeine – Caffeine intake sometimes carries a negative connotation, but as with many things, moderation is key. Small daily doses of caffeine – try and stick to 16oz. or less – is OK. Black coffee and tea, for example, are not only a lot lower in sugar than most soft and sports drinks; they’re also rich in antioxidants which may help reduce the risk of certain diseases and ultimately be beneficial to overall health. The harm in caffeine comes with its over-consumption. In large amounts, because it’s a powerful stimulant, caffeine can cause anxiety and loss of concentration, in turn leading to loss of productivity and heightened stress on the job. Some people are more sensitive to caffeine than others. If you feel yourself becoming jittery or irritable after multiple caffeinated beverages, it would do best to limit your intake.

2. Sodium-Rich Foods – Though 24% of the respondents in the “What’s Your Healthy?” study report wanting to avoid unhealthy foods with more regularity, sodium rich fries, chips, and deli meats are still lunchtime favorites. An excess of sodium causes the body to retain fluids, which may cause hypertension. Though research is unclear on whether or not stress alone can result in prolonged high blood pressure, sticking to a diet low in fat and sodium can be best. Small changes, such as ordering a simple grilled chicken sandwich with avocado and lots of veggies on whole wheat bread instead of a huge sub weighed down by cheese, meat and high sodium condiments, may help keep blood pressure down. Of course, other lifestyle changes including regular exercise, adequate sleep, and meditation can also help keep hypertension and stress at bay. If you’re an office-dweller, break up your 9-to-5 with a quick walk around the block if possible, if not, even simple stretches at your desk can be beneficial.

3. Junk Foods – While it’s fine to indulge your cravings every now and then, if you find yourself making frequent trips to the office vending machine, you may want to re-consider that afternoon bag of candy. While packaged sweets and other quick-fix snacks seem to satisfy cravings, their effect is temporary and typically result in feelings of sluggishness and hunger. Not only do they leave you feeling famished, most junk foods are simple carbohydrates void of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals, the same dietary essentials which assist the body in regulating stress levels. We also know that frequent consumption of high-calorie, high-fat foods can lead to weight gain that can bring a whole slew of health issues – such as, obesity, diabetes and heart disease. So instead of a visit to the vending machine bring a healthy snack to work with you that could keep your body energized, such as a low-fat plain yogurt with berries, raw veggies and hummus, or an apple with natural peanut butter.

4. Fatty Foods – Research will support that eating a fatty meal may heighten the unhealthy effects of stress on the heart, like raising blood pressure. When we think of fatty foods, pizza, fried chicken and mashed potatoes most likely come to mind first; but we may also be consuming lots of fat in other types of foods we don’t think of. For example, if you are consuming a large amount of 100% whole fat dairy (such as cheese, yogurt, milk) daily you may also need to be concerned. Instead of pouring full-fat cream in your daily cup of joe or drowning your cereal in full-fat milk, try 1% low-fat or nonfat milk for starters or try alternatives like almond or soy milk. It may take awhile to adapt to the new taste, but starting your day with a heart-healthy beverage is worth the switch.

5. Alcohol – Even if your alcohol intake doesn’t match Don Draper’s on the job, studies show that it’s the light or light-to-moderate drinkers who cause more problems than their heavy drinking counterparts, and the reason is their hangovers. . Hangovers may kill your chance at productivity and subsequently increase your stress. Partaking in a glass of wine or beer at a business lunch also may not benefit you. Though 37% of the respondents in the “What’s Your Healthy?” study report drinking less alcohol than they did five years ago, many of us still imbibe regularly, and sometimes, while in the presence of colleagues. While your intention may be to take the edge off, you may be surprised to learn that your choice of beverage is actually having the opposite effect. While it may lower our inhibitions, reaction time and sense of judgment, research shows that alcohol also stimulates the release of cortisol, also known as the body’s ‘stress hormone.’ When you’re on the clock, stick to sparkling water or another non-alcoholic alternative.

Keri Gans, MS, RDN, CDN, a registered dietitian/nutritionist, media personality, author of The Small Change Diet, developed the below tips onfive foods that may be contributing to your stress at work.  


New @BECCA_COSMETICS Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed

A pressed version of its iconic best-selling liquid Shimmering Skin Perfector, the NEWBECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed utilizes new technology that delivers fade-resistant colour impact with an incredibly soft and delicate creamy texture.  The unique formula also allows for a super controlled application.  Ultra-fine particles reflect light and illuminate darkened areas while Nylon-12 helps create a soft-focus effect. This product is perfect for use on both the face and body and makes contouring and highlighting a cinch!

Pricing: $38 Available at Sephora and

What I thought: Becca products are exquisite!  From the packaging to the formula to the brush and product – they seem to do everything right. I have no tried Becca products in the past except for at Sephora but always had this impression that this brand is for a lady who likes a natural look. This shimmering pressed powder gives a highlight to your very natural look.  It is not like a traditional bronzer with a lot of ‘tan’ colors and less pearly shimmer than Bobbi Brown’s shimmer brick. This is the perfect in between that is great for a day look. Even if you are just going to the office. Rose Gold is such a beautiful trend for fall – and this is no exception!

Rose Gold Becca