Posts Written On October 11, 2013

@ReebokClassics Alicia Keys Wedges

The new Fall 2013 Reebok Classic x Alicia Keys collection!


I finally got the chance to wear these!  My fourth pair of sneaker wedges since the trend has begun and each of them are different in color, shape and height.  These cute sneaks from Reebok are narrow and the heel is lower and more comfortable for walking around the city. The original laces are navy blue but I swapped them out for these brown ones to match my Mackage leather jacket.


The top two velcro straps secure your ankle when you are walking and makes the shoes really snug and comfy. I never felt like I was going to fall out of them as if I was wearing heels. I could run all around and still feel comfy!  I love the extra pad around the back of the ankles because they provide extra comfort every step of the way.  There is also a small 2 inch zipper on the inside you can use to take off the shoe easily.


Alicia Keys wearing the A. Keys Wedge, which fuses inspiration from Reebok’s iconic Freestyle and Chi-Kaze sneaker silhouettes, available in 4 different colorways, including Reptile, Tribal, Military and Crocodile for $119.99


Here they are in the Aglit Italy campaign – These leather laces make these wedges on FIRE!


The Crocodile Pack features a chic shade of navy with crocodile detailing and gum outsoles.


Official Pic from Reebok

shoeMy iPhone pics of the CROCODILE PACK.

The come in 4 colorways: the Reptile II Pack, the Tribal II Pack the Military Pack and the Crocodile Pack

The Military Pack features suede, heavy canvas, nylon and luxe leather and includes special details such as printed laces and boot eyelets, giving the range a rugged feminine look.

The Reptile II Pack features chic reptile emboss detailing on black materials with bright red colour pops.

The Tribal II Pack features refined neutrals, bright colour pops and a mixture of suede and leather material executions.

Which one is your favorite?

Can’t wait to wear these again!  Check them out on the REEBOK site HERE