Posts Written On October 04, 2013

Taste the Difference @PizzaLucaNYC

With this amazing weather this past week in New York, it is easy to think that next summer is just around the corner.  But it’s already October and I had the chance to meet the founder of Pizza Luca and taste his fresh pizza creations.

DSCN5013Founder of Pizza Luca Dean Medico

Minimalist menu with 4 pies – Made of local ingredients, the pizza is all about the dough, the sauce, the Sicilian Sea Salt and every little element that makes the pizza WOW.



Pizza Luca: A rapidly expanding Pizza Napoletana catering truck company servicing the tri-state area.  Features a world-class menu and elite pizza only it comes to you courtesy of two unique and stunning trucks.

  • Dean Medico:  The Owner and French Culinary Institute trained Pizzaiolo.

  • “Miss Blue”: The first truck in the Pizza Luca stable — a 1952 flatbed truck in mint condition and boasts an outward facing wood burning oven.  Strictly does catering across the tri-state area, not a street vending truck.

  • “Miss Idaho”:  Launching in NYC this fall due to the demand from the first truck.  Was rescued from an Idaho farmer, the stunning truck is one-of-a-kind with an oven visible on both sides of the truck. Will do street vending as well as catering.

All ingredients are sourced from Naples and there are only four pies to choose from, authentic Pizza Napoletana, as governed by the Associzione Verace Pizza Napoletana.

DSCN5008 DSCN5007

A mobile wood fired Neapolitan pizza oven mounted on a 1952 Chevy flatbed truck.

The only catering truck with an authentic imported Italian wood burning brick oven!

DSCN5004 DSCN5002 DSCN5006 DSCN4996

Thank you for the delicious pizza and tour of this really cool food truck!


Beauty Breakthrough with @LusterPremWhite #whiteteethnoworries

We all dream of having the perfect set of teeth (Julia Roberts was my go-to Hollywood model for smiles) but it can take a lot of time and money getting your smile looking Hollywood perfect. But there’s a new product I’ve discovered that does the trick almost instantly—Luster Premium White.


Luster NOW! Toothpaste and Mouthrinse contain something called Bluverite, a “propriety formula that creates a subtle blue foam that clings to your teeth,” giving your chompers an instant whitening. Instant! And over time you’ll see that surface stains are gone and you’re left with an incredible smile everyone’s bound to notice.

I decided to do a 2-step process by using the Luster NOW! Toothpaste followed by the Luster NOW! Mouthrinse.

The toothpaste is incredible. No painful sensations while brushing (like the other brands) and a smooth, minty taste that foams up well. It was awarded Allure Magazine’s Beauty Breakthrough Award and is on Nylon Magazine’s Beauty Hit List, too.


After the toothpaste, the mouthrinse gives your pearly whites an extra hit of whitening. And this rinse also won’t burn your mouth like the regular mouthwash I’ve been suffering with for years (you know who you are!). And because it’s so gentle, it’s perfect for using with dental restorations, too.


But why do I love Luster Premium White over the other brands? There’s a few reasons.

First, it was the first brand to introduce whitening products that don’t cause tooth sensitivity—that’s a big one for me. Some whitening brands can leave your teeth feeling sore for days.

Second, their products can whiten in as little as 30 minutes. Thirty minutes! lusternow_toothpaste

Third, their whitening toothpastes are all sulfate-free and only contain plant-based glycerin and therapeutic-grade essential oils. So basically Luster Premium White cares about your overall mouth health. now_rinseTry it for yourself and pop over to their website to check out their other products like the Pro Light Teeth Whitening System (using light technology that erases stains two times faster than trays or strips) or the Distinctly White kit (which lightens teeth by several shades).

Keep smiling!