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Shaving is a BREEZE with @800razors

Ladies and gents, shaving is no longer a chore!  You know why? It’s because is around.

This fantastic company really knows their stuff when it comes to shaving. They also know how to keep prices low all while delivering American-made razors for about half the price of your big brand razors. And best of all? They offer a Burn-Free Guarantee – “no skin burn, wallet burn, or American job-loss burn.”


Here’s how it works: Select the razor you need (men’s or women’s) on, choose the quantity (4 – 20 cartridges) and then select the frequency you want them mailed out to you. They’ll also pop in a free handle the first time you order—I got a very pretty purple handle that’s so easy to work with. No more disposable shavers for me!

pack razors

The women’s razor comes with five quick-rinse blades, a 360-degree lubricating aloe strip, a fairly big soap bar to work a lather (looove this), and a non-slip grip.

womens razor

800 razors women

Best Razors for Women_ 5 Blade Razor for Women _ 800Razors - 2013-10-01_13.47.26

The men’s razor is a little heavier and comes as a 3- or 5-blade shaver, with quick-rinse blades, a large soap guard, lubricating strip with aloe and vitamin E, and soft rubber fins.

I had both the women’s and men’s razors delivered together and I’m totally jazzed by how smooth each shave has been. Unbelievable–and leaving my skin soft and smooth without that dreaded razor burn. I’ve tested both the women’s and men’s razors and can honestly say I love these more than the big brand shavers I’ve been using for the past few years. I’m a convert!

800 razors box

The razors come in a cute little box with groovy cartridge protectors. If you’re like me and obsessed with out-of-the-box brand messaging, you’ll love the way has introduced itself to the world—they’ve got a sassy, tongue-in-cheek attitude that I love. Check out their Facebook or Twitter pages to see for yourself, then order these bad boys online—you can thank me later!

razor line



@AmarteSkincare Wonder Cream and Mushroom Emollient

The magical properties of mushrooms continue- and this time with exceeding skin care benefits. September is Mushroom Month- and now it’s more relevant than ever to celebrate the anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and protecting agents found in mushroom abundant skin care regimens. Mushrooms naturally boost the overall health and youth of your skin, reminding us that the mushroom’s positive uses stretch far beyond nutrition benefits!

Vitamin D and anti-oxidant rich, mushrooms possess unique anti-aging properties, and protect the skin against fine lines and wrinkles to smooth out those pesky signs of aging. Beyond the ability to smooth complexions, tones and fine lines, mushrooms are a natural anti-inflammatory which calm and sooth irritating skin conditions like acne, rosacea, and eczema. Amarte, the premiere luxury skin care line that combines Eastern skin care philosophy with the power of Western dermatology, has recently launched Amarte Wonder Cream– a powerful anti-aging cream filled with a unique mushroom emollient that enhances immunity and shields skin from inflammatory triggers, irritation, environmental toxins and UV damage.

 Wonder Cream has a very slight citrus scent and absorbs very quickly into your skin. You can use it for under your makeup in your morning routine or like how I do it – at night right before I sleep. The easy airless pump distributes enough product in one push. I love the girly nature of the packaging and the pretty design makes me reach of it every time I open my vanity.  The ingredients are hand selected to make the perfect combination of beautiful silky skin!

Ingredients: watersorbitan stearateSchizophyllan (mushroom β-glucan)natural betaine,cyclomethiconepropolis ceraelemental sulfurArgania spinosa (argan) kernel oilpearl powderSaccharomyces/selenium ferment (biopeptide SC)mastic oiltocopheryl acetate,retinol 1.0%Myristica fragrans (nutmeg) kernel extractSyzygium aromaticum (clove) seed extractEucalyptus alba leaf extractCitrus paradisi (grapefruit) seed extractcaviar extractallantoinacacia collagensodium hyaluronateglycerincarbomerstearyl glycyrrhetinatebutylene glycolphenoxyethanol

I love this brand and I have definitely seen a huge difference in my complexion in the last few weeks!



Find out more about Amarte and the love story behind the founders on