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If you asked me what I cannot live without… somewhere in the top 5 has to be my phone/computer! I love my phone and I am on it constantly.  Back in high school,  I remember talking on the phone with friends for hours and hours until the cordless phones would beep low batts. And what seems like a century ago; when I had to get off the phone so my sister could get on the ‘dial up’ internet.

I love the phone so much that I even did telemarketing jobs in University and for Bank of Montreal briefly!

I don’t mind being on the phone at all and I found the perfect accessory for my home office.

I Skype a lot with this kiddo – My nephew in Calgary!

Now two decades later, I am still very attached to my phone! So here is a ‘telephone’ themed post!

I had a chance to review the DeskMate HSC 230 recently and since I Skype and use Google Voice to talk with family and business overseas, having a great headset is important.

This can be used for gaming, video editing and general computer use as well in a shared office space or at home.

Set up for the DeskMate headset was a breeze – Just literally plug and play. The controls connect to the headset and plugs into the USB. Go to the settings and click OUTPUT and select the headset.

You can use it to listen to music and more importantly SKYPE! The controls make the volume and answering calls easy. I was able to listen to Songza (like Pandora) while dialing someone on Skype. Then I was able to click the phone to answer the call. The headset is noise cancelling as well so there shouldn’t be any issues if you have good internet connection.

It is lightweight and adjustable and does not squeeze your head like some cheaper brands available.

Check out the HSC 230 and other headsets by Sennheiser  HERE

The DeskMate HSC 230 is a great solution if you’re looking for a PC headset to fill your VoIP, gaming or even voice dication software needs. Its comfortable, monaural over-the-head design provides a snug and secure fit for long-term use. Backed by Sennheiser’s world-renowned sound quality as well as a noise-canceling microphone, you can feel safe knowing that you’re getting crystal-clear sound quality no matter what.

Its plug-and-play installation makes it as simple as a USB connection to get going.
Manufacturer Sennheiser
Type Computer
Wearing Style Over-the-Head
Max Range / Cord Length 9 ft
Connector Type (view connectors) USB
Weight 5 oz.

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