Posts Written On September 29, 2013

@EightSkincare is a TEN out of TEN!

Is there anything better than discovering a wonderful new bath & body range? Nope! And this one has me a little obsessive because it’s sooo good for dry skin!

Eight Skincare stays true to its name because it uses eight core ingredients in all of its products: aloe vera, monoi oil, evening primrose oil, vitamin e oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, and apricot kernel oil. Together, all these ingredients increase your skin’s natural moisture, promote new cell growth, help with anti-wrinkle and anti-aging, while toning and firming. True story!


And while each product can be used separately, there’s a 4-step rejuvenating process that’s been developed by Eight Skincare that leaves your skin feeling incredibly soft and supple with the Dry Skin Body Brush, Crème Body Wash, Sugar Body Scrub, and Body Moisture Lotion. Use these four products to firm, tone, cleanse, nourish, and increase moisture content in the skin.


I tried the tangerine scented rejuvenating kit and was not disappointed. Apart from the scent being so delicious (sweet and citrusy—I love it!), each product is made perfectly and doesn’t leave your skin feeling all soapy and sticky afterward. Thumbs up!


The Eight Skincare range has a couple more scents I want to try out too—Ginger Lime & Lavender…delish!

Read all about the 4-step rejuvenating process here and do yourself a favor and go buy yourself the kit at now!




Bath and Body for your Dog with @EpiPet Products

IMG_2360How do you keep a white/pink dog clean, happy and healthy?


White dog owners all know that white dogs are special. They require special grooming, diet and even behavioral attention at times.  White dogs may have sensitive skin to sun exposure and also sensitive stomachs and allergies.   Epi Pet offers a line of pet car products for dogs and horses which are multi-functional enriching and suitable to all color dogs.

Epi Pet Skin Treatment Spray:

This spray comes in lavender, cedar mint and unscented. The purpose of this product is to stop shedding, odor and itching on your dog. To use this, just spray generously over your dog’s fur and into the skin then brush it in well. The secret ingredient here is “Galactroarabiana” – a super moisturizer found in the Larch Tree. Daily application will reduce shedding. There is also anti inch elements like tea tree oil and true essential oils and 5 all natural insect repellants. If your dog is like Jacob and doesn’t like ‘sprays’ then spray it on the brush and then comb him with the wet brush.

Epi Pet Cleansing Agent Shampoo:

This shampoo is tearless, soap free and safe for puppies and kittens. It is loaded with great natural ingredients. It is recommended that you microwave a bit of the shampoo for 10 seconds prior to use for max effectiveness like whitening or odor removal.  It is compatible with all flea and tick treatments and becomes ‘medicated’ when microwaved. Excited to try this next bath to see how ‘white’ Jacob can get!

Epi Pet Sun Protector Spray:

A sun loving dog’s worse nightmare is a sunburn!  This is great for dogs and horses alike and contains 4 sunscreen ingredients to protect from UVA and UVB. It is especially recommended for short hair dogs predisposition to skin tumors like boxers, dobermans, bull dogs, pit bulls, bichons, poodles, schnauzers.   I will bring this next time we go for a hike or to the beach.


Epi Pet products have a slight vanilla scent that is mild and great for your dog.

Check out their full range of products on