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Holiday Toys from @planetdog1997

When you love your dog and your dog loves you, every is like Christmas!  In the beginning the peeing and chewing may slightly outweigh the cute but you stuck with each other and now you are truly a team.  It is that bond, that routine, that repetition that grounds you and make you the only person your dog will trust. This, over time, is what I call true love. Loving and dog and having that kind of pure love come into your life is like going to an oxygen bar and getting PURE oxygen.  It just makes you think clearly, see sharper colors and feel the pulse of life.


Planet Dog creates amazing toys for the dogs we love and if everyday feels like Christmas anyway, why not get some Holiday toys early?

Orbee-Tuff® Bulb with Treat Spot™ – all-purpose toy is doggie-durable, buoyant and minty. The Bulb has a Treat Spot for stuffing, well, stuffing and other great leftovers

This toy is so minty and chewy! I gave this to Pocky and how adorable is she?

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 7.24.01 PM

DSCN4576There is a treat compartment you can use to get your dog curious about the toy


The Wishbone plush toy is so cute!  It is soft and has a mesh outer layer so it it won’t get sticky with slobber. The Y shape makes it fun for the dog to toss it, chew it, hold it and shake it.  A great holiday toy that you dog will love all year round.


Out of all his toys, the Wishbone is his fav!  Maybe because it’s the new toy smell.

For more earth friendly toys and a jump start on holiday shopping, go to


What Kika Knows About Men @Hausofmen – The fashion acumen of this website helps men world-wide to get the inspiration and ideas they need to develop their own individual styles.
Here’s the twist – it’s all compiled by a woman: Kika Hazan. A graduate of Parsons with a fashion merchandising degree. Kika Hazan is the one responsible for having brought Haus Of Men to life. The company was inspired by the concept of Haus – the perfect man.
Kika accumulates information she feels relevant and posts it to the site daily – this information is compiled by the Haus team. The Haus team is a group of fashion stylists, personal shoppers and wardrobe coordinators all over the globe that spot & photograph looks which are stand out as well as currently trending.
New York Fashion Week Petra Jordan Shoot Photo-Shoot