Natural Girl Loves the Ocean

Whether you live right next to the ocean or are thousands of miles away from it – there’s no getting away from the fact that without this vital resource we couldn’t survive. The ocean is in fact our most precious commodity, for example, did you know that oceans contain 99 per cent of the space occupied by life on earth and are home to 97 per cent of our planet’s water?
And when you look at how vital it is to our survival the importance of the preservation of the oceans is even more apparent. The number of people who rely on oceans for their food source is set to increase – currently over one billion people depend on fish for their nutritional needs and experts predict by 2050 the population’s food requirements will have nearly doubled to keep pace with population increases. Then there’s the fact that over half of the oxygen in the atmosphere is provided by oceans plus they also help to regulate the earth’s climate.
Yet despite this we continue to use unsafe practices at sea which lead to overfishing, reduction in marine biodiversity and the possible extinction of some species. We may depend on the ocean for the survival of the human race – but one thing’s for sure; the ocean can’t depend on us for its own survival.
Check out how wonderful our oceans are with this beautiful video which captures the magic you’ll find down there from Conservation International.

Sights and Sounds of the Pacific from Conservation International on Vimeo.

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