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Beauty Sleep 101

Guestblog by Kaitlyn Bracken

From here out, if you snooze, you definitely won’t lose. You might not feel sexy while you sleep, with drool and serious bedhead, but sleeping makes you sexy–there’s no better time than bedtime for beauty.


With these five tips, you’ll beautify your body from head to toe without even lifting a finger:

1. Wake up younger with DNA/EGF’s Night Renewal, a rich bedtime lotion that prevents wrinkles and spots, and also leaves your skin radiant, firm and hydrated. Sleep is necessary for building new skin cells, and skin regeneration is more active at night—DNA Night Renewal maximizes your sleep cycle’s repair activity, restoring the youth of your skin.

002__DNA EGF

2. After moisturizing, don’t lay your head just anywhere to rest—in fact, mushing our faces into our favorite pillows causes wrinkles from repeatedly folding our skin in the same places. But fear not, the sleep Gods are here to introduce Pillo1: Made from breathable, comfortable Talalay Latex foam, this pillow prodigy features a lightweight, ultra-soft covering that’s clinically proven to improve your sleep quality—bid your bags and red eyes goodbye!


3. This summer the soaperstars of van der Hagen debuted the latest collection of luxurious suds, a line of Gentle Glycerin Soap Bars. Glycerin products hydrate and soften skin while also aiding the healing processes of wounds. Our complexion most effectively utilizes active ingredients when our bodies aren’t performing other functions, so unwind with a relaxing shower or bath before bed, and rinse with Gentle Glycerin Soap soak up the benefits.


4. The controversy of wearing socks to bed seems to be a forever-lingering mystery insolvable even by Sherlock Holmes. But, it’s clinically proven that socks while you sleep prevent feet from cracking, fungi an infections. Socks lock in moisturizer for smooth feet, but don’t just rock any sock. Foot Cardigan is a silly sock-subscription that turns your feet into fashionistas, and every month you’ll have a new pair in your collection.


5. Bed-head can be a nightmare, to say the least. With Fekkai Protein Rx PM Repair Strengthener, you can battle the beast overnight. Not only will you strengthen your hair, but also wakeup to soft, manageable locks.

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A Fruit Sensation For Your Skin

*guestblog by Michelle Pino of Skana Spa

While it is important to protect your skin year-round, there is no better time to put a consistent regiment into action than before the outdoor activities of the summer kick into full gear.  July 4th celebrations certainly set the tone for the events and activities that will be integral for the remainder of the summer.  Get yours off on the right foot by starting a facial-skin protection treatment that will reveal a glow in your skin’s tone that rivals that of the celebratory fireworks.



(photo source:

The warmth of family and friends at this year’s July 4th BBQ will bring joy and fun to all those involved.  However, the warmth of the sun along with its UV rays can potentially do a great deal of damage to your skin.  In order to prepare for the time that it will be exposed, explore the following all-natural recipe for a rejuvenating facial mask.  In addition to giving you the protection you need, it will invigorate, replenish, and hydrate where your body needs it the most.

There is no better time of year to try out a new facial mask that uses red, white, and blue ingredients.  Below is the festive facial mask inspired by Skana spa of Upstate NY resort, Turning Stone:


Begin creating your facial mask

  • Collect 10 blueberries
  • ¼ of a fresh tomato
  • 1 teaspoon of apricot kernel oil (or baby oil)
  • 2 drops of sweet orange essential oil. (or any essential oil)



(photo source:


The fresh, fruit ingredients bring skin back to life in several ways.  The naturally occurring antioxidant properties tone skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines.  These particular fruits are also high in vitamin C, acting as an anti-inflammatory for slightly damaged skin.  These super fruits will boost your skin’s collagen production and neutralize free radicals as they provide deep protection for your skin cells.

Blend all the fruit with a blender for close to ten seconds.  Place the mixture in a small bowl where you will add the oils.  Mix well.  Before you apply the mask, open the pores of the skin through the use of steam and warm water.  Once the pours have been opened, apply the mask and allow it to soak into the skin for at least 20 minutes.  After you are relaxed and the mixture has had to time take effect, gently remove the product with cool water and apply a natural moisturizer such as coca butter.  In order to achieve a healthy glow all throughout the year, you can apply the mask once a week.


Tip: always test new products on a small portion of skin to test first.


Natural Girl Loves the Ocean

Whether you live right next to the ocean or are thousands of miles away from it – there’s no getting away from the fact that without this vital resource we couldn’t survive. The ocean is in fact our most precious commodity, for example, did you know that oceans contain 99 per cent of the space occupied by life on earth and are home to 97 per cent of our planet’s water?
And when you look at how vital it is to our survival the importance of the preservation of the oceans is even more apparent. The number of people who rely on oceans for their food source is set to increase – currently over one billion people depend on fish for their nutritional needs and experts predict by 2050 the population’s food requirements will have nearly doubled to keep pace with population increases. Then there’s the fact that over half of the oxygen in the atmosphere is provided by oceans plus they also help to regulate the earth’s climate.
Yet despite this we continue to use unsafe practices at sea which lead to overfishing, reduction in marine biodiversity and the possible extinction of some species. We may depend on the ocean for the survival of the human race – but one thing’s for sure; the ocean can’t depend on us for its own survival.
Check out how wonderful our oceans are with this beautiful video which captures the magic you’ll find down there from Conservation International.

Sights and Sounds of the Pacific from Conservation International on Vimeo.


Super Cute: Summer and Travel-Ready with LindsayPhillips @SwitchFlops

20130605_155742I was thrilled to receive my Lindsay Phillips Liz Canvas Ballet Flats, and have been wearing them pretty much everyday since. They are perfect for travelling, totally necessary for staying cute during the hot summer months, they’re also super comfy and did I mention how cute they are???

20130605_155802My favourite feature about these shoes is that they are so versatile. The embellishments on top of the shoe are interchangeable so I can go from fun and floral to festive in seconds without having to by new shoes. All I have to do is snap the embellishments off, and snap on lets say, the florals, clusters of baubles, or embellished ornaments depending on my mood, and I’m good to go! The snap-on feature also makes it easier to change my look from day to night or from work to a fun (troublesome lol) night out on the town.


 I love these!


“Lindsay Phillips, a 26 year old entrepreneur and creator of SwitchFlops and SnapShoes, entered the business after her high school art project- a ceramic flip flop shoe- garnered an amazing response from locals in Lindsay’s home town.  Now Lindsay’s SwitchFlops and SnapShoes are carried in 2,500 stores in the USA, Europe, Australia and Japan.”
20130702_092453I traveled recently, and decided to give these flats the true comfort test. My feet always swell when I fly, so no matter how comfortable the shoe is to begin with, I always end up with sore feet at the end of my trip, so I was curious to see how my Liz flats would hold up against 22 hours of flying… My verdict? They were perfect. It felt like I wasn’t even wearing shoes! Despite slightly swollen feet from flying, I arrived in style and with no pain or discomfort whatsoever. The Liz flat is a winner!

You can check out more of Lindsay Phillips shoes on her website:

Big thank you to Lindsay for allowing me to experience these super cute and super comfy shoes!


ps: The Lindsay Phillips Liz Canvas Ballet Flat retails for $64 and the interchangeable embellished ornaments range from $9-$15.