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Event LOVE: Last day of @CPFW2013

IMG_20130616_011633Canada Philippine Fashion Week (CPFW) fabulously strutted into town with all the glitz, glamour and culture that anyone could hope for a couple weeks ago. Due to my work schedule, I wasn’t able to go to all the events, but I made sure that I was there to celebrate the last of CPFW. There. Was. No Way. That I was going to miss it. What was great about this event is that I got to see pieces from the collections of all the designers up-close, as well as  meet some of the designers, which was awesome! It’s different to see clothes on the runway, but when you get up-close you get to see all the clean finishes, the intricate details, you get to feel the fabric… it was great!20130615_203430

GOTSTYLE was the perfect place to celebrate the last day of CPFW Toronto 2013.

Looking sharp sir!

The featured Filipino and Canadian designers were: Amina Aranaz, Brian Maristela, Francis Libiran, John Ablaza, John De Porter, Leonard Co, Noel Crisostomo, Norman Noriega, and Roland Alzate.

Gorgeous gowns!20130615_203915The details!! Love.

20130615_204005Love this jacket!!




Loved this dress!20130615_204211

Hanging with the models!

Loved hanging out with Ms. Theresa!20130615_204401

Jon De Porter’s jewellery is GORGEOUS!!!20130615_204414




This dress is heavy, but beautifully made!20130615_204557

Yes. Please. Thank you.

Everything! 20130615_204951

Love this dress.20130615_205028

Adored this dress!20130615_205034


*sigh* Need and Want!20130615_205322


These clutches maaaaaaaaannnnn! All hand-made. Love.20130615_205630


20130615_205758 20130615_205942

These blazers are for men, but I’d totally rock them, any day!!20130615_210048

The models looking lovely!20130615_210109

Are you seeing how CLEAN these blazers are???20130615_210348

Sipping on some bubbly20130615_210529

Getting the 4-1-1 on these beautiful gowns.20130615_210652




Mr. John De Porter20130615_210943




“It’s all about the chest!” these two were so funny lol20130615_211358

I spent some time trying on pretty much all the pieces lol20130615_211638

heart this girl!20130615_211739






so pretty20130615_213539

love love love.20130615_213551


20130615_213722 these blazers man! love.20130615_214005

She couldn’t resist and had to try on the dress. I don’t blame you girl!IMG_20130615_215957

“…because normal never lead to extraordinary”IMG_20130615_220523

One more time man. I love these earrings.IMG_20130616_003648

I cannot wait for the next CPFW, and there is no way I’m missing that one. A big congratulations to Jeff Rustia, and the whole CPFW team for putting on an amazing week of fashion  and culture, and especially to the designers for sharing their beautiful collections with us.


ps: check out more from CPFW on their Facebook page!


Sweet Showertime with @Gudhappens

Sometimes in the summer, I have to shower 2-3 times a day because it is sooooo hot and I get so sweaty!  In the colder winter months, I prefer a creamy, milky body wash like Dove but in the summer, I love the clear shower gels. I love to just douse my loofah and make lots and lots of suds for that really clean feeling.

Screen Shot 2013-06-29 at 2.13.16 PM

Gud from Burt’s Bees has been my go-to for the summer!  With fantastic but not overwhelming really fresh scent like red grapefruit, pear, orange – it is the perfect pick me up with a summer breeze.  The great thing is, the scent is not overly girly or manly so everyone can use it!Screen Shot 2013-06-29 at 2.11.18 PM

It has a easy snap/pop open lid and fun colors that will make it easy to use in the shower. It is natural too!  It retails for less than $6 and you can get it at your local drugstore or Target.

Find out more on


Event LOVE: @VOCABComm 5th Annual Art of Music Gifting Lounge @MissVOCAB @VOCABLounge


We got to hang out the VOCAB C0-Ed Gifiting Lounge, which celebrated the 5th annual Art of Music Video Gallery Exhibition and it was so much fun. The weather was so nice, everyone was happy and laughing, the vibe was RIGHT. I loved bumping into some of my favourite people, as well as meet some new ones; it was a good afternoon. We were given an opportunity to check out an exhibit that showcased imagery from the NE Creative Group’s (who were nominated for 11 awards at this year’s MMVAs by the way) favourite video archives. Some of the featured imagery came from directors like RT!, Cazhhmere, David F Mewa, Davin Black and more. The gifting lounge also gave a number of brands a chance to get their products into the hands of Canadian and American celebrities, directors, publicists, producers, stylists, tastemakers and trendsetters during the MMVA’s.20130615_191418

chilling by the F*CK CANCER booth!20130615_191457



Love me some pop chips!20130615_192456

Spent quite a bit of time in the Kings of Past Vintage Eyewear room, you know I love me some glasses, especially when they’re Raybans!20130615_192552


Mary Kay was in the building, and I was pleased to discover that they actually have an extensive and impressive collection of men’s products.20130615_192720

Lipgloss and Candy. Perfect match.20130615_192732



I love when men smile!20130615_193540

Some of the featured imagery.20130615_193635



We also got taste Katy Perry’s new pop chips kettle corn chips, and they are so yummy!20130615_194728

I have the same smile on my face when I get a packet of pop chips!20130615_194741

This was the perfect drink on such a hot day!

Always a pleasure running into Tika!20130615_194923

20130615_195119 Fun times!20130615_195358 Ree ree looking gorgeous as usual!

Thank you so much to Chrissy and the whole VOCAB Communications team for such a great afternoon, I’m so looking forward to the next one!



Go Further with @Ford 2013

This year marks the 3rd annual Ford Trend conference for me!

The Westin at the airport was just lovely! The staff were extra friendly and the rooms were gorgeous.
150 journalist and lifestyle bloggers were invited to attend 3 days of intense seminars and workshops and of course test driving cars.

To demonstrate the rear view cameras, this little Ford Fiesta backs up and scores the giant soccer ball!

Even though the Fiesta seems small, it has incredible power, control and can go pretty fast!

A lot of options to drive greener.

Need a quick recharge anyone?

Tai giving me a refill hehehehe

Tony and Tai drove on the tracks…

We drove F-150’s to deliver supplies to a Greening of Detroit park. It was awesome!

Leaura and I munching on desserts

Yum yum

Got to try the new Google Glass

Celebrating 50 years of Mustang!

It was all really fun and I learned a ton from Seth Godin. See you all next year!


A Double Dose of Cute with Rabeanco Julietta II

RABEANCO is just about to open their first California stores in July and we are really excited!  With all the excitement with the Polyvore contest going on, we wanted to do a giveaway too! Don’t know much about this brand? Find out!  With a rainbow of colorful bags in all shapes and sizes, I really want you to to fall in love with all of them. You don’t need a Romeo in your life to rock this Julietta II bag. It is fashion, function and perfect for running errands, walking your dog or going out to grab a lime hibiscus lemonade or chocolate gelato.

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 10.20.58 AMrabeanco julietta rabeanco juliettaDouble down on fashion and function with the Julietta. This wristlet consists of four separate compartments perfect for your cards, cosmetics, smartphone and anything else you may need on your daily adventure. The detachable handle and additional shoulder strap gives you not only a wristlet but a cross body bag as well; making the number of uses for this plush lamb leather accessory as limitless as the places you’re sure to take it.

Julietta Off Duty

Forever 21 muscle tshirt / AR SRPLS camo pants / Puma wedge sneaker / RABEANCO leather handbag / Resin jewelry / RetroSuperFuture black sunglasses, $245 / Red lipstick, $4.59 / Comme des Garçons black perfume, $98 / Essie nail polish, $21 / BEATS BY DRE Mixr Headphones / River Island Pop Rocks cotton candy explosion, $1.54

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