Posts Written On May 16, 2013

Event LOVE: @HelloCanada #CanadasMostBeautiful Party

IMG_20130509_214933I was so excited to join Trop 50 at the Hello! Canada party in honour of the magazine’s Canada’s Most Beautiful issue. As this was a private event, I was unable to ask any of the celebrities that were present for any pictures, but that didn’t stop me from taking pictures of everybody else, and having a good time!


The event took place at the beautiful Shangri-La Hotel in downtown Toronto, in a beautifully decorated room, and was full of beautiful and wonderful people, smiling, laughing, hugging, sipping cocktails, nibbling on delicious appetizers, and just having a beautiful night! (See what I did there? Yes.)


so pretty 🙂



I was straight up taking pictures of the ladies pretty dresses 🙂20130509_201044I tried each and everyone of the Trop50 cocktails of course 🙂



Secretly plotting how to take this beautiful floral Trop50 bottle with me… I kid? lol20130509_202442

My date looking pretty 🙂20130509_202523

I loved all the bright colours and flirty skirts and dresses!20130509_203349

These people just seemed to be having such a good time, I couldn’t help but snap a picture!

Her skirt! YAAAASSSSSSS!20130509_203750

You know WE HAD TO!20130509_203856

UGH! Love. Everything.


This girl was werking it effortlessly!20130509_204108

mmmmm risotto balls!20130509_204146

Of course 🙂20130509_204153

Hey Ryan!20130509_204158





Lawd help me… what’s a girl to do when she’s tryna get summer body fit, and they keep serving up yummy sliders???

more stalker shots… tee hee 🙂20130509_204357

pretty 🙂20130509_205405

The room just kept getting more and more packed with people, and don’t even get me started on the terrace!20130509_205413


mmm mm mm…20130509_205500

spent quite a bit of time here lol20130509_205628

The pom-parazzi… my fave!20130509_210000

pretty dresses 🙂20130509_211033

Fierce. Just. Fierce.

Loving that dress and her T.W.A!20130509_211150

Werking that pink dress!20130509_211631


20130509_213455Ah yes! It was a beautiful night. Thank you so much to Trop50 and Hello! Canada for having me, I had a lovely time 🙂

Stay beautiful!



@CanonUSAimaging Preview with NYC photog @bridif

Canon has partnered with NYC photographer and Instagram influencer Brian DiFeo for the first of its kind 3-D art exhibits throughout Manhattan that celebrate NYC culture -both past and present.  This morning, Nicole and I stopped by High Line to check out some new Canon camera and for some bagels and oj.

Being an avid blogger, to BE READY is the most important aspect of my job.  I am wearing sunnies because I just got LASIK yesterday… Too cool right?

The new cameras offers convenience and ease to upload photos seamlessly without compromising the quality of the photos. Sounds too good to be true right?

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 11.35.18 AM

 Right under the overpass at High Line, Canon set up a 3D art piece for us to use to test out the camera’s functions like zoom, reaction time and various filters.

The cameras easily synced with the iPAD app and you can upload photos, edit and view all the photos.

Out of the 5 cameras that were on display, my favorite demo camera is the Canon Power Shot N Series. It is totally unique and perfect for blogging.

New York Photographer Brian DiFeo shared his experiences with the N Series camera when he used it for the past week and gave it great reviews. It is compact, high quality and great for everyday use.

The best part is the leather braided camera strap and cute stripe case it comes with!  Shown here on Canon’s lovely Director, Michelle Fernandez.

If you are in NYC today and tomorrow – Don’t miss the opportunity to check these out!