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Fine diving in Bed-Stuy @Do_or_Dine

finally made my way down the street to this Brooklyn favorite and i was NOT disappointed!  This ultra cool vibe and decor made me feel like I was eating at a garden chic dinner party. It is totally funky and the menu is like nothing you have seen.


The creativity might be intimating at first but let the really knowledgeable staff tell you all about each and every item. The selection and we tried a few of the items.

3430_10151402642900672_94196952_n 379766_10151402643100672_1391146075_n


the drinks are really delicious and not too strong – will be back for sure…

1108 Bedford Ave
(between Gates Ave & Lexington Ave)
Brooklyn, NY 11216
Neighborhood: Bedford Stuyvesant

(718) 684-2290


Totally Scrumptious PlanB Tapas

Plan B is dedicated to the union of contemporary Northern Spanish Tapas and an innovative beverage program both influenced by Barcelona and the Basque region.  The cuisine, the culture, the sensibility, and independent spirit of both regions desire to both honor the past and begin their future.   Plan B creates food and beverage menus in tandem, with the operation’s concept reflected both in dishes and in signature drinks, wine lists and beer selections.Plan B puts an eccentric and creative take on an urban tapas bar, culinary inspiration comes from seasonal local greenmarket ingredients and exotic imported Spanish items to comprise simple and flavorful dishes that embrace the ancient Roman philosophy of the 5th Quarter, or “Quinto Quarto”.

I was so excited to go to the media tasting of PlanB. Their menu boasts of exotic dishes like python sausage, rabbit meatballs and bull testicles, I had no idea what to expect. Created by Hemant Phul (Masala Times and Earth Nightclub), this little Nolita gem is totally exciting and exotic. The carefully selected cocktails like sherries, Spanish/French wines and craft beers make Plan B a place to get more than a meal but a tasty adventure! This cocktail menu has been created by Ivy Mix of Clover Club and Tess Sawyer of Plan B.

The Basque and Catalan tapas are awesome. I don’t claim to be an expert on Spanish Cuisine but I definitely know what delicious tastes like.  The downtown vibe of this restaurant comes in all aspect from the decor, food, drink and music. Started with this polenta and cherry to cleanse your palate.

Everything is scrumptious and here are my recommendations:
Potato Croquttes – Never has yukon gold, creme fraiche, salmon roe come together in a better way. This was by far my favorite experience

Goat Cheese Croquettes – A simple and delicious combo
Mushrooms – seasonal and wild – YUM the best texture ever and Tai’s favorite

Paella Shooters – mussel, shrimp, clam, chorizo, white wine, shellfish broth

Asparagus – Not my favorite but still yummy
Octopus – The best 4 hour slow cooked texture, like a pillow

Pic Ear – Crispy and perfect on a savory biscuit

Rabbit meatballs – My first rabbit taste! The sauce is perfect
Shrimp heads – I LOVE this, ask for extra bread

Duck heart souffle – Beautiful presentation and texture and taste deliciously balanced

Flan – Best I ever had, perfect consistency and like caramel candy

Hibiscus & Cynar Ice cream – Eat this as fast as you can!

You have to go or I’ll take you  if you ever visit NYC!

Thanks to my sweet husband for coming with me!


Father’s Day Gift Guide

With Father’s Day just around the corner, here are some gift ideas for you.

The SWIMS loafer, a classic shoe that’s both fun and functional, is a fresh alternative to the ties and tools typically gifted for this special occasion. The SWIMS loafers are extremely versatile: they can easily be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. As well, they are lightweight, which makes them a perfect travel companion for any upcoming holiday this summer. The loafers also come in a variety of classic colors (for the traditional dad that likes to stick to blacks, browns and navys), but they also come in fun, vibrant colors such as reds, yellows, bright blues and even purple for all those stylish fathers out there. And for dad’s that are huge boating/yachting enthusiasts, the SWIMS loafers are the perfect answer as they have an anti-slip, non-marking sole, offer great breathability and are extremely comfortable. And last but not least, you can even throw them in the washing machine!


Another really cool gift is the Alexander Wang ashtray! Not that we encourage smoking or anything but it will be great for small items like keys, rings and USB keys as well 🙂


Still can’t find something for your dad? How about a monthly membership box?  They have ones from ties to socks to wine to sausages 🙂

You will find something you still have time!


Event LOVE: @CPFW2013 Press Conference


I didn’t know what to expect when I walked into the Museum Room of the Shangri-La Hotel, for the Canada Philippine Fashion Week (CPFW) press conference. I’ll be honest and say that I thought it would be a whole lot of boring fashion talk, that we’ve all heard before but… It was the exact opposite. Instead I found myself going from happy, to inspired, to sad, then back to happy. This is probably the most touching event that I have ever been to. I was so inspired by Jeff Rustia’s story about how Canada Philippine Fashion came to fruition, how it was once just an idea he wrote on a piece of paper, to something that has already caught the attention of people all over the world, and it hasn’t even happened yet. I was moved, and in tears by the story of his late son, and how he continues to keep his son alive, through everything that he does. Ugh, it was beautiful, heartbreaking and inspiring all at the same time.


This is the first Canada Philippine Fashion Week, and it will make it’s fabulous debut on Monday June 10th, and will run until Saturday June 15th, and it just so happens that also during the Philippines’ Independence Day on the 12th June! CPFWis a non-profit organization that’s aimed at showcasing fashion, culture, creativity and artistry of Filipinos in Canada and in the Philippines. This week long event is committed to creating fundraising events that will help children through the Kol Hope Foundation for Children, which will serve as the beneficiary of the inaugural launch of CPFW.


The beautiful Kesiah Papasin

We can look forward to six days of dazzling Filipino fashion, culture, and entertainment, a spectacular array of Filipino performances, film screenings, live music, a series of events happening in several  incredible venues like the Roy Thompson Hall and TIFF Bell Lightbox, and of course fashion shows from top designers from Canada and the Philippines. Sooooo exciting!

Beautiful Francis Libiran dresses!

Another Francis Libiran dress 🙂20130524_114300

Jeff and Philippine Consulate General- Junever Mahilum-West20130524_114511


Scotiabank was in the house!20130524_114729

Mary Kay was there too 🙂20130524_114733

She’s talking about how awesome Jeff is 🙂20130524_115104 The team behind CPFW 🙂20130524_115421 Jeff’s mom and aunt rocking traditional Filipino gowns 🙂20130524_115428

20130524_115547 She sang beautifully 🙂 20130524_121340 Cutie 🙂20130524_121600

Then they fed us after… the food was goooood 🙂IMG_20130524_104543


I’m so excited for June to get here, cause I’m trying to see every show and go to every event! Yes ma’am!

Thank you so much to Jeff and the team of CPFW for inviting me, and allowing me to witness and experience such a beautiful cause 🙂 Fashion with a heart indeed!

peace and love



Event Love: @FitzroyBoutique #WeWantSpring Party


We’ve been having some CRAZY weather these last few weeks, and we’re not the only one’s who noticed. The ladies of Fitzroy Boutique, Julie and Angela have also had enough of this silly weather, and invited us for a fun night of cocktails and shopping their latest spring/summer pieces over at the BYOB Cocktail Emporium; in hopes that this will sway mother nature into giving us some sunshine and warm weather! Due to the chilly weather, I wore a onesie and a leather jacket to the event, but once I entered BYOB it felt like summer; the room was warm and buzzing with all the laughter, everyone was smiling, there were pretty summery outfits both on and off the racks, and the dj was playing some pretty sweet tunes!

IMG_20130425_211809It’s safe to say that I loved everything that they had on display. There was just so much good stuff, and if it wasn’t for these bills, mama would have a brand new wardrobe!! Either way, I had a great time, I sipped some drinks, snapped some pics, connected with some pretty awesome people, and got nailed by the ladies of Pinky’s Nails. T’was a good night, it was a beautiful summer night, even if it only lasted until the party was over 🙂



The lovely Angela and Julie 🙂20130425_205533

Loooooove 🙂20130425_205614

Where does one even start!20130425_210457

We cheesin’ 🙂20130425_205840 Yes lawd.20130425_205622

Shoppin’ and drankin’ lol20130425_205618

I love it in here!20130425_211037



Need this swimsuit.20130425_211143



Please. Please. Please?20130425_205230

I should just make it clear that I love everything in every photo that I took.20130425_213006

Proud designer Sarah 🙂20130425_213000




I love these!20130425_211336





Love this dress!20130425_211508


Um… Yes.20130425_212612

I just love it in there! Did I say that already? lol20130425_212618

The coolest chandelier ever!20130425_211546

THESE. YES PLEASE.20130425_211604






Look at how happy everyone was 🙂20130425_213526

Love this!PicsArt_1366940214447



Do I even have to say how much I dig this ring???20130425_214658


We were getting nailed!IMG_20130425_232854

Loved how Pinky’s Nails hooked me up!!!

If you’re looking for a new summer wardrobe, or looking to upgrade your current one, you NEED to go and check out Fitzroy Boutique! I cannot stress how amazing it is. IT’S AMAZING.

Thank you so much to Angela and Julie for treating us to a little taste of summer, and for always throwing a good party!




Energy Bars for Your @TurboPup

Nutritional bars have gone to the dogs! We recently tried a new *gulp* energy bar for dogs!  TurboPup is a snack for dogs or a meal replacement. Tested this on Jacob and he loved it. Ate it in 3 seconds and kept him full for a few hours. It is really convenient and made with human grade ingredients. If you are going on a trip and don’t want to pack all the dog food kibbles, just grab a TurboPup bar and your dog will be really happy. Look at some of the comments below!

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 1.58.40 PM

I think this is a wonderful food to bring for hiking trips but not for daily use!  Dogs sleep so much, it is nice to see them with a burst of energy when they have a chance to run, roll and play!

TurboPUP is a new meal replacement bar for dogs. It’s the size of an iPhone and perfect for pets that may be on the go with their families – hiking, camping, fishing – any adventure where “Fido” is faithfully by their side. No more bulky dog food. Now, Fido can get his full nutritional meal – right from a bar. These bars are compact and ready for travel. They will be available for sale in early May.