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This has been a serious foodie week for me. Tuesday was a double booked day between Food Fete and BurgerFi’s media preview – how is a foodie suppose to split her time and double her stomach?? I need a body double on days like this because they were at the exact same time in opposite ends of the city. We decided to check out BurgerFI because of all the buzz we have been hearing about it and we are always on the hunt for new burger spots.

BurgerFI is awesome!  It has a great atmosphere, trendy decor, outdoor space – close to Central Park and the menu was super! They have burgers, hot dogs, creative desserts, craft beer (both draft and bottle), fries, onion rings and numerous toppings.  They have triple, double, single patties with veggie options too.

These were by far my favorite!  The onion rings are huge and took me 20 bites to eat one.IMG_6602Tai and the giant onion ring


More than just great food, dining at BurgerFi is a unique experience- one you can feel good about. Each BurgerFi store is built according to environmentally sustainable best practices, and includes earth-friendly elements, like chairs that are made from recycled Coke bottles, tables made out of compressed recycled wood, and large fans that use 66% less electricity. BurgerFi maintains a low carbon footprint, and maintains strict recycling programs for oil, cardboard, bottles and cans.

fan IMG_6591

Parmesan Cheese & Herbs on the fries! IMG_6586BurgerFI combines the energy and spirit of the 50’s and 60’s burger joint with an updated modern decor!

Alternative Style Fries on the Secret menu – Fries smothered with a mixture of grilled diced onions, American cheese, mustard, and BurgerFi® sauce

Desserts were out of this world! These are frozen custards.

Thick, rich and delicious. Made the old-fashioned way: cream, cane sugar, eggs, and all-natural flavors fresh from the farm.IMG_6581

Fanta and Coke made with real Cane Sugar

Red Velvet Shake

IMG_6589Funky Decor 🙂

The BURGERFI color is lime green so I wore green nail polish and I even put my burger button on my iPhone to celebrate this happy day!

It was so fun and BurgerFI has so many yummy items I still want to try.

There are tons of locations in CT, NY, FL, GA, NC, TX  so check out the map on http://burgerfi.com

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