Posts Written On April 09, 2013

Fresh Face with @WhenMask

Yesterday I got an awesome package from KOREA!  It contains 5 facial masks that solve skin issues like dehydration, dullness and the sense of blah.  When Masks are the perfect solution for busy women who need to give their skin the extra TLC it needs in a hassle free face mask that is both time and budget friendly. They are available at Sephora for $28. Way better than getting a facial at a spa!

There are 2 pieces of film and the mask is in the middle. The one side is a shiny plastic, the other is like mesh paper – The MIDDLE mask is a gel texture. You can see from the pic below on that I put the mesh paper on my face by accident. LOL

When Masks use a bio-cellulose sheet, a soft, gentle material made from coconuts that fits to stay on your face. There are five different formulas available using this material that is highly effective in delivering nutrients to the skin. It only has to stay on your skin for 20 minutes and you will feel a huge difference afterwards!

A great item for travel, everyday and a little bit of at home pampering. If you are stuck for a mother’s day present idea – Try WHEN masks!