Posts Written On March 05, 2013

Smooth Waves with @JohnFriedaUS

I have been growing my hair since June and now it is almost ponytail length!  I love it when long hair has a slight curl but it is still smooth. I remember in 11th grade my oh-so glamorous friend Maria use to use these but they had complicated pins and prongs. So I am happy that now, 10 years later, they have come up with newer and easier tools.  Even though you can achieve this look in a few different ways with or without tools (like rolling your hair up while damp in a bun and then letting it out when it’s dry). Using hot rollers is one of the easiest ways.


I recently tried the John Frieda Smooth Waves Conair Hair Setter.

It featuring five 2-inch titanium ceramic-coated jumbo rollers, this breakthrough hair setter helps you create silky waves for a naturally sensual look. The cutting-edge, professional-grade design uses a true ionic generator to safely distribute heat throughout hair, so there’s no fear of frizz or dull strands. Hair wraps easily around the generously-sized 2” jumbo rollers, which use an extreme heat feature to heat up instantly, delivering perfectly smooth, voluminous waves in a flash.

The best thing about this is how easy it is to use. You plug it in, it heats up and then you curl your hair around it. It doesn’t slide because of the textured surface and it doesn’t burn your fingers if you hold on to the purple part. The clip is easy to put on and then you just wait 10 mins. You will feel the heat emit from the rollers while you wait and you can think about how hot you are going to look once it’s finished 🙂

I am sure that I will be using this a lot more when my hair gets a few inches longer!


Event LOVE: Blogger Day with @VWCanada



Still one of my favourite cars of all time!

We were invited to the first-ever Volkswagen Canada Blogger Day at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre a couple weeks ago. This was Volkswagen’s way of treating bloggers to let us know just how much they appreciate all our hard work, and it was also an opportunity for them to give us an inside look at the 2013 model line-up. The event started with a yummy breakfast and then we were given the goods on what Volkwagen has in store for the future.

PicsArt_1362185305061 I need you in my life… yesterday!

I don’t know much about cars, but I do know that I love and have ALWAYS loved the Beetle. The highlight of the event? Getting to see and feel the new Beetle Fender. It. Is. EVERYTHING, and needs to be mine now. It’s the first car in Europe that can be ordered with a sound system from the guitar and amp makers Fender! Don’t get me started on the dash. The dash comes complete with the chrome-plated Fender logo AND it’s finished in the two-tone ‘Sunburst’ wood design of many of the Fender guitars. It’s awesome-sauce!




Miss Lolitta and friends 🙂


les bloggers 🙂


This car is beyond cool!




gotta keep it healthy after all the pastries…


Quite possibly one of the sexiest cars i’ve ever seen…ugh I love it!20130215_085822 20130215_091121

Mr. Peter Blackwell giving us the goods on what’s in store for Volkswagen in 2013 and beyond 🙂 20130215_092958 20130215_094819 20130215_100240

The Freshly Educated Man 🙂20130215_100631 20130215_102028 20130215_102228

me 🙂PicsArt_1362181934375

Another favorite 🙂 Hybrids are looking mighty FINE lately


One tends to get a little thirsty after drooling over beautiful cars…
PicsArt_1362182673817 PicsArt_1362183137466 PicsArt_1362183401075

Be still my heart… I love love love this car!PicsArt_1362183756858

Style and functionality. Win.PicsArt_1362184066725


This baby made me go “ooooh-weeeeee”. So sexy and sporty.

We also got a free ticket to the Canadian International Auto Show (which I hear was great, but couldn’t go to cause I was working… *sigh*), AND we also have a chance to test-drive a Volkswagen for the weekend… now to find someone with a license so they can drive me around lol. Any takers?

I wish I could’ve stayed longer, but unfortunately I had to go to work, it was fun times regardless.

Thank you for inviting us 🙂

peace and love


ps: If you’re looking into getting a new car, I’d definitely suggest taking any of the Volkswagen cars for a test-drive(s), cause from what I hear and have seen, they are all kinds of awesome!


Ssssexy Nails REPSTYLE with @Essie

Year of the Snake is everywhere if you look! Essie has a magnetic nailpolish called Snake, Rattle & Roll that is just so beautiful.  If you have ever used magnetic nailpolish, here is a great tip. Put 2 coats on, put the magnetic as close as possible for 10 seconds and then SIT and wait. Once it dries, put a top coat and you got a great pattern. The metal bits in the nail polish is what gets ‘pulled’ by the magnet and creates this snakey look.

Cute right?

An awesome swatch that I found on