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Event LOVE: @NellaBellaBrand 2013 Fall/Winter Expo Preview


On Thursday night we hit up the Nella Bella 2013 Fall/Winter Expo Collection Preview, and it was lovely. Tarek never disappoints, and I always leave needing at least 4…okay 5 bags from the collection. I kid you not, I wanted every single bag from the Nella Bella London collection. As usual the quality was great, nice clean finishes, pretty colours, totally functional and fashionable, did I mention that the quality is amazing?

20130228_192840We also got to see the new NB Knits Collection- Dylanium Knits (by Dylan Uscher), which felt like heaven. Need them. Please and Thank you.


Can I just have them all? Please.

It was great to see everybody out supporting Nella Bella, I had an awesome time snacking on the appetizers, sipping on the never-ending Appleton cocktails and catching up with people I haven’t seen in forever. It was a great night 🙂 Now for some pictures!


Whatever your style there was something for everyone!


Always a pleasure catching up with Sonya 🙂20130228_192537

be mine. now.

softer than butter baby… 20130228_192643 20130228_192724

The blue, the red, all of them. Need.20130228_192738

The metallics… lawd yes.


le grub20130228_192757



Dylan and Tarek 🙂20130228_193350 20130228_193356

YES.20130228_193404 20130228_202406

Always fun times with Septembre! 20130228_203215

more food 🙂20130228_205351

Job very well done gentlemen! 20130228_205417 IMG_20130228_201109Fun times!

Thank you so much to Tarek for inviting us, and for sharing his collection and talents with us 🙂

peace n love



Fuzzy New Look: The Bison @SpiritHoods

Those with the Bison spirit have a large presence that commands respect. The sheer size of this spirit naturally manifests a life of abundance. Those with the Bison spirit consistently move forward toward their goals, seizing opportunities along the way.