Posts Written On January 26, 2013

Easy Meal for your Pooch

I cook for my dog and he just loves it! It is easier and cheaper than you think.

I recently received this recipe and wanted to share it with you guys. Let me know how it goes 🙂


Total Cost: $2.31

  • ½ lb. Ground Turkey = $1.15Turkey Stew Dog Food Recipe

$2.29 x 0.50 (1/2  of the 1 lb. of turkey) = $1.15

  • ½ cup Brown Rice = $0.50

$0.99 x 0.50 (1/2 of the 1-cup rice serving) = $0.50

  • 1/4 Large Potato = $0.17

$0.69 x 0.25 (1/4 of the potato) = $0.17

  • $Baby Carrots = $0.49

2.99 x 0.20 (1/5 of the bag of carrots) = $0.494

  • 1 ½ cup Water = Free

We think of our pets as family members, so why wouldn’t we offer some recipes to feed them cheaply, too? This recipe is targeted for a small adult dog (up to 12 lbs.), but you can make larger portions for a larger dog. Canned turkey stew dog food can cost up to $3.00, and it will only feed your pet for one meal. This recipe is designed to be healthy for your dog and your wallet.

See instructions on


Pamper Her St. Valentine Style

For the girl who has everything (which is no girl ever) who is soooo hard to buy for (you gotta pay more attention)

Here are 3 easy gifts that will score you major points. You can show her that you care even without breaking the bank.

1. Burt’s Bee Coconut Foot  Cream – This is a tried and true classic. For all those sexy heels and all the places she has to walk – every girl will be sure to use this. This pampering natural foot cream combines coconut oil, lanolin and vegetable glycerin to revive and rejuvenate even the driest, most neglected feet. There’s also a hint of natural rosemary and peppermint oils to refresh tired soles. You can even use it after shaving on those dry winter legs too. The smell is divine and you will go nuts for it. Retails fro $9

2. Repechage Hydra Refine Cleansing Mousse – Even if your girl is not a mermaid, she can still appreciate beauty from the sea. Repechage has seaweed ingredients along with the refreshing cucumber and lemongrass to clean, refresh and prevent any breakouts.  The ingredients help to reduce sebum production and keeps her face fresh after a long week. Now that’s a real treat. Retails for $29

3.  Blue Copper 5 Seven Night Molecular Repair – So a 7 night Cancun package is out of your price range but you can still give her something that is 7 days of awesome!  Copper is one of the hottest trends in skincare right now and if you intense hydrated, soft and supple skin – you will see a huge difference with these tiny tubes.  A healthy glow comes not from bronzer alone but also with healthy, revitalized skin that blue copper can help unveil.  Retails fro $98