Posts Written On December 02, 2012

Download this Game: Subway Surfer

I am sooooo addicted to this game. I play it everyday on my way to work and it makes my 40 min commute a breeze. The best part is when the real subway jerks and jolts and you feel like you are really in the game. I also love this game because Jake is so cute and I totally dig his skateboard.

The premise of this game is that Jake is spray painting graffiti onto subway trains and the guard sees him, blows the whistle and starts chasing him with a dog. By the way, the dog looks just like Jacob. I love him.

There are daily challenges, coin collecting magnet, super sneakers, hover board and even a super head start jet pack. Even though there are tons of characters you can download, my favorite is still Jake.  Great idea for a Halloween costume next year maybe!

You can download Subway Surfers By Kiloo here



Joseph Abboud Instagram Contest @JAApparel

What better way to kick off the holiday season than with a giveaway for dapper dudes. Tis the Season for Suits is Joseph Abboud’s first social media contest where customers have twelve chances to win prizes for their wardrobe including accessories, trousers, sportcoats and even a custom Made to Measure suit. Launching December 1st through 12th, followers can participate in the instagram contest by uploading and tagging a photo of their favorite suit to win any of the below prizes. Daily winners will be selected by Creative Director Bernardo Rojo and the Joseph Abboud design team.

December 1st: Joseph Abboud belt, tie, and cuff links (valued at $205)

December 2nd:  Joseph Abboud glasses of your choice (Valued at $180)

December 3rd: Custom Made-To-Measure trousers (valued at $225)

December 4th: Fall 2012 messenger bag (valued at $230)

December 5th: Custom Made-To-Measure trousers (valued at $225)

December 6th: Joseph Abboud Collection watch (valued at $330)

December 7th: Fall 2012 weekender tote bag (valued at $350)

December 8th: Fall 2012 weekender tote bag (valued at $350)

December 9th: Custom Made-To-Measure sportcoat (valued at $695)

December 10th: Custom Made-To-Measure sportcoat (valued at $695)

December 11th: Custom Made-To-Measure suit (valued at $895)

December 12th: Custom Made-To-Measure suit (valued at $895)


To participate:


1. Follow @JosephAbboudBrand on Instagram (

Take a photo of your most fashionable suit (any brand)

2. Tag @JosephAbboudBrand and add the hashtag #TisTheSeasonForSuits to the caption.

3. Upload your photo to Instagram.