Posts Written On November 13, 2012

Event LOVE: 3rd Edition Bimod 228 Fashion Show

On Saturday night, myself and around 3,000 other people gathered in the garden of Hotel Mercure-Sarakawa (Lome, Togo), for the 3rd Edition of the Bimod 228 Fashion Show. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but once I knew that Vlisco was a sponsor, and would also be showing their latest pieces, I HAD TO GO.

It was soooo hot and soooo humid but I was too excited about the show to even care that we were about to watch 9 designers show their collections outside where the mosquitos were going to town on my legs and arms, despite dousing myself with inspect repellant before going to the show… but I digress.

Like I was saying I was very excited that Vlisco would be showing their newest collection, but surprisingly enough, it wasn’t even Vilisco’s collection that blew me away; instead, I was super, SUPER impressed by the collections of the other 9 African designers.

Here are a some of my favourite pieces!

The designers: Cesar Vodis, Christelle Mensah- Da Silveira, Akoko Folibey-Sebio, Francoise Adjanke, Boris Wellington, Sessi Edi, Elloi Sessou, Nadir Tati and Ibronke Oluwaseyi Asepo.

Congratulations to all the designers on a job well done, and to Blandine Sambiani-Bagnah for putting on an excellent show, and especially for supporting local African designers 🙂

peace and love



Filigree Body Lotion @Thymes

‘Thymes’ have a great variety of scents in their collection of fragrances and bath and body products. Recently I have been trying out the Filigree Body Lotion. The Filigree collection is a special edition brought back from 2009 due to the large quantity of requests.  Scented with rich amber, juniper berry, cedarwood and neroli, it is not something I would usually chose, but I was pleasantly surprised. Made to enhance and harmonize with ones own individual natural scent, it was interesting to see how differently it smelt on mine and my friends skin! On me the lotion seemed to have a less spicy aroma, whereas my flatmate smelt not dissimilar to ginger. Additionally it moisturised my skin fairly well, leaving me feeling fresh and soft.

Back by popular demand, this limited-edition moisturizer is luxuriously effective. Restores natural moisture balance to help skin look and feel its best. Enriched with conditioning shea butter, primrose and sweet almond oils and replenishing white willow bark. Leaves the unforgettable fragrance of Filigree: clean, lovely and enchanting.

Packaged in a simple and elegant white and silver box and priced at $25.00/Qty, I would consider this a perfect and appropriate gift for the holidays.

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