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Headphone Necklace from @ShopMixology

I love, love this cute headphone necklace from online boutique, Mixology. Mixology is the self-described fashion destination for women “who care more about style than about brand names.” Almost everything is under $100!

At $40 a pop, these earbud headphones look just like a necklace. You can either wear them around your neck or like traditional headphones. When they’re around you neck, you can take the earbuds out and just let them hang when you’re not listening to them.

The sound is really good and it comes with replacement buds covers, a carrying sack, and an extension piece to make the cord longer. Another convenient feature is the built in microphone that allows you to use the headphones for hands-free talking on the phone.

I love them because they are unique and stylish. On my daily commute I see people with all types of headphones but I’ve never seen anyone with these. I’ve already gotten compliments–these are definitely on my favorite accessories list!



What: United Nude Super Sample Sale (Past styles, all sizes)
When: Thursday, November 1st – Saturday, November 3rd 2012

Hours: 9AM – 7PM

Prices: from $25, $50, $75 & $100

Some styles from SS12:
Elastic Remix Hi in bright mix – from $280 to $85

Abstract Rome Hi – from $370 to $105

Block Pump Hi Woven leather – from $350 to $95

Fold Lo Bright Mix – from $180 to $45

Fold Sandal Deluxe – from $240 to $65


Styles from AW11:

Abstract Pump – from $395 to $100

Block Ballet – from $210 to $55

Cowboy boot – from $335 to $90

Cup Kelly Boot – from $430 to $110

Eamz Parka – from $355 to $100

Falcon – from $625 to $125

Fold Hi – from $185 to $55

Spat Boot – from $575 to $130


Where: United Nude Showroom, 146 West 29 Street (between 6th and 7th avenue) #9W, 10001, New York.
Closest trains: 1 train at 28th street, NR trains at 28th street.

Notes: Cash & credit card payments accepted


Four Cute Ways to Wear Polka Dots Without Looking Like an ’80s Pop Star

The ’80s are making a comeback–but in a much less tacky way with the new polka dot trend hitting the fashion world right now. Although there are plenty of tasteful ways to wear polka dots, this pattern’s association with this fashion disaster decade can be a risk if you fail to wear it in the right way. To help you embrace this trend without making an embarrassing fashion faux-pas, take note of the following four ways to integrate polka dots into your wardrobe for every season.

1. Headbands

If you’re afraid of going too far over the top with the trend, keep it simple (and affordable) by topping off your outfit with a cute and stylish polka dot headband. Although a number of polka dotted hair accessories will add an eye-catching accent to your look, headbands are ideal for achieving that preppy look that prevents you from looking too flashy. If you want to look nice without attracting too much attention, headbands can be a great solution for simple, yet sophisticated style.

2. Tights

During the chillier months in the winter and fall, you can add an extra layer of comfort and chicness to a basic black dress or vibrant, solid-colored skirt with some quirky polka dotted tights. Patterned and colored tights are a major fashion trend this season, and polka dots would be a great way to put a new spin on a classic pattern. Black tights with white polka dots would pair well with any black fall and winter wear, but would also look adorable paired with a bright red pencil skirt or a colorful flared mini to accent your tights with a pop of color.

3. Think Big

Why stick with basic, small print polka dots when you can choose big, artistic dots that add an all-new funky flavor to your outfit? Big polka dots are also making their way onto the scene to offer an interesting and original alternative to the polka dot patterns you’re used to. Since larger polka dots may be a bit flashy, choose subtler color combos or tame a vibrant-colored polka dotted blouse with a dark blazer to balance your style.

4. Mixed Prints

This seems contrary to what fashion magazines have told us for decades about never mixing patterns, but the experts at “Seventeen” magazine say mixed prints are actually in this season. Because of the dangers of clashing with this trend, it may be a better choice for more experienced fashionistas. However, if you’re feeling bold, you can mix prints more effectively by looking for similarities in the patterns and colors used to make sure they go together well. For example, if you have a beige button-up with white polka dots, look for a cute beige (or various shades of brown) and white snakeskin skirt. Colorful floral tops with simple black and white polka dotted skirts also create an image that’s easy on the eyes, but still fun and flirty in its own unique way.

Ignore those flashbacks of bad perms and overwhelming neon by exploring all of the new sophisticated ways that polka dots are coming back into the fashion scene today. Remember: if you’re on a budget or a little uneasy about the trend, start off small with cute polka dot accessories to make this style transition a bit easier. Once you’re ready to go bold, polka dots come with endless possibilities for standing out without breaking any cardinal rules of fashion.


Did I Inspire @KarlLagerfeld to Create Mon Shu Girl @shuuemura?

Just a few more weeks until Mon Shu Girl products hit stores!  Karl Lagerfeld x Shu Uemura’s much anticipated collection is coming this November. Are you excited? Every hero needs an origin story, and Mon Shu Girl — the animated mascot of Karl Lagerfeld’s upcoming collaboration with Shu Uemura— was conceived after Lagerfeld got a jolt of inspiration from a stack of colorful eye shadows. Or at least that’s what happens in the video below: a cartoon version of the designer starts sketching the character, who comes alive once she’s been colored with the Shu Uemura products Lagerfeld uses for his real-life illustrations. Mon Shu Girl then takes off on a rocket ship — presumably to spread the word about the collaboration. The products will be available in Shu Uemura’s 400 locations worldwide and online in November. (via

Bonjour! Hello! Konichiwa! I am mon shu girl, Karl Lagerfeld was so inspired by shu uemura he created me. I am on a mission to bring beauty to girls all around the world! Lately, I’ve been curious and eager to pop out the atelier of Karl.

Wait… am “i” the Mon Shu Girl? :]

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Event LOVE: Red Rock Culinary Experience #RedRockMalbec

I was looking forward to the Red Rock Culinary Experience for weeks, and could barely contain myself on the day of the event. I was so stressed out with preparing for my move, that I was in desperate need for an escape…even if it was only for a little while. I was picked up in a Lincoln Town Car and whisked off to a beautiful townhouse by the lake. I was greeted with lots of smiles, delicious aromas and a glass of the new premium Red Rock Malbec from California. I knew instantly that it was going to be an amazing night.

We enjoyed a menu inspired by the balanced flavours of Red Rock Malbec, which featured dishes MASTERFULLY prepared on hot-rocks, not to mention desserts to die for. I really didn’t want the night to end… there was sweet relaxing live music in the background, everyone was laughing and smiling, the food and drinks were FLOWING *sigh* it was heavenly! We even got to go outside to stack/balance rocks and create our very masterpieces… I was super proud of mine, until I looked to the right and saw that Grace had stacked AND balanced like a million rocks and she was still going!

Look at her go!

I really had an amazing time, my belly was full from the all the food, and my spirits were HIGH from all the wine and good company, it was truly a beautiful and blessed night.

Red Rock Malbec. So. Damn. Good.

Yes. Pour me another one please 🙂

I sat by the bbq to stay as close to the lobster as possible. It was DELICIOUS.


The view.

I can’t even begin to describe how amazing this townhouse is!

The Chef and I were instant BFFs!

The Rock stacking and balancing expert

he stacked and balanced all of these

and these…

and then we tried

my creation and my wine 🙂

then it was back to the food

nom nom

Me and Papa John

sweet sweet music!

dessert was so good!

Thank you so much for inviting me, and a HUGE thank you to the praxis pr team for always been so kind to me, I already miss you all 🙁

peace and love