Posts Written On October 18, 2012

Event LOVE: Hailo High-Tea Launch @HailoToronto #HailoIsHere

I went for a high tea at the Windsor Arms Hotel to celebrate the launch of HAILO in Toronto and oh-my-gawd it was glorious! I was picked up by a bright yellow HAILO cab, then dropped off at the Windsor Arms, where I joined a few others to hear all about the awesomeness that is Hailo Taxi Service. A lot of information was given, but what really stood out to me, was the fact that Hailo Taxi Service has introduced a new level of safety and security when it comes to taking a cab. I’ve never liked taking cabs and I blame that on all the horror/thriller movies I’ve seen concerning psycho cab drivers… but I like the fact that when you order a HAILO taxi, you get the picture and name of the cab driver, and company has a record of the driver, the time the taxi was ordered, destination, time of pick up etc. WIN.

“Making taxi heaven. For passengers and drivers. Nice.”

HAILO Taxi Service is a licensed cab company and is already a hit in London (England) and Dublin. They have a smartphone app that allows you to “hail” a cab wherever you are in the city, you can track where the taxi is and how long it will take to arrive, and then receive a push notification once the cab has arrived. AWESOMENESS.

Choose your tea 🙂

fun times 🙂

I couldn’t take my eyes off the treats!

The Big Wigs!- Jay Bergman, Justin Raymond, Russell Hall

Strawberries and cream… and champagne. YUM.

Lovely hanging out with you ladies 🙂

All the way from London, U.K.!

les noms

sooooo GOOD!

What I wore 🙂

The taxi expert 🙂

Don’t forget to download the app (iPhone and Android users)! Hailo makes getting a cab easier and safer 🙂

After we got the goods on Hailo, we… well I went to town on all the desserts, pastries and treats while sipping on some delicious tea and champagne! T’was lovely 🙂

Thank you so much for inviting me!

peace and love


ps: For more info visit the HAILO website 🙂


Tammy Fender Holistic Skin Care Solutions

I just tried two products from the Tammy Fender collection, which consist of holistic skin care and custom blended products.

The first sample I checked out is a Cleansing Milk Lavender & Fo-Ti. Putting it on was smooth and it’s a nice feeling to know that the product is made of healthy ingredients. One big reason I love this is the lavender, and then there’s Fo-Ti, which will detoxify and rejuvenate your skin to fight aging skin. There’s so much good stuff in this gentle cleanser!

I also tried Bulgarian Lavender Body Oil. This little beauty goes a long way. My skin tends to get dry, especially now that winter is creeping along. This product helps and the lavender smells great and is for sure – relaxing. After a long day at work, rubbing this oil on after showering feels a-ma-zing. And again, the ingredients are nothing but beneficial.

I’m not sure what some prefer but I like how the bottles have pumps as well. I want to also point out that the products are a bit on the high-end as you will tell from the prices but I do think it’s worth checking out.

These were ‘mini’ samples but the 2-3 times I got out of it, I loved.

Thank you, Tammy Fender! ‘Like’ on Facebook


Virtual Halloween Pet Parade @AnimalPlanet

Animal Planet has an awesome selection of pet Halloween costumes!

This year Animal Planet will be hosting its second annual Virtual Halloween Pet Parade

To get involved we wanted to see if you’d be interested in dressing your pet up in one of Animal Planet’s adorable pet costumes (as pictured below), snapping a photo of your pet in the costume and then sending it back to us for inclusion in the pet parade contest.

The photo would appear as part of the virtual pet parade gallery on (along with a click through link to your blog/Twitter/web site), so that your pet is in the running for the cutest Halloween look.  In addition, we would also ask for you to post a link to the virtual parade on your site so that your fans will know to come out and vote for your pet.

The owner of the ‘Best Halloween Pooch in Show’ will receive a gift basket of Animal Planet pet products and also be invited to do a guest blog post for the Daily Treat,’s popular pet blog.

Here is Jacob in his Wooly Mammoth Costume! VOTE FOR HIM

Click the link and then vote on the GREEN BOX to the right