Trend Alert: Faux Bangs

Bangs change up the style, shape and attitude of a haircut, which is one reason celebs love them. An easy way to shake up your style on the cheap is to get the same look with faux bangs.

These aren’t the inexpensive hair pieces of yesterday; quality fake bangs come in any hue and texture to match your real hair. Celebs who’ve been showing off this trend include Leighton Meester, Sarah Jessica Parker and Selena Gomez.

One reason celebrities might opt for fake bangs is to have a certain style or look for a role, and bangs don’t come into play. Or they might transform their style for one night for an important event, as Katie Holmes did for the Oscars and Kim Kardashian did for New Year’s Eve. Plus, any girl who’s ever had bangs knows that growing them out can be so awkward! Hair should be fun and help a woman look good. If a clip-on product can do that, why not use it?

While fake bangs give A-list divas an excuse to have fun with their hair, these pieces work just as well for real women, too. Like other types of hairpieces, bang extensions come in human hair or synthetic materials. Only human hair extensions feel like the real deal and offer the same kind of movement and texture as your natural locks. You can even cut them to a desired length to suit your hairstyle.

If you want to go incognito in bang-land for a day, spend a bit more to get real human hair. Remy hair pieces in particular are free from any chemical processing (before being dyed by the manufacturer to achieve a certain color), are cut to the same length to minimize frizz and contain hair with intact cuticles.

Popping in the false bangs is super easy. Standing in front of a mirror, hold the bangs up to your head. Bangs look most natural when placed a couple inches back from your hairline, since that’s where your stylist would cut a set of real bangs. Part the hair and comb back the spot where you plan to attach the bangs so you can attach the clip. Work the clip into your locks, then close it so it’s secure. After installing, blend your hair around the bangs and style the hair so it looks natural.

To flirt with bangs without the commitment of cutting your mane, try clip-ons. Seek inspiration from celebs in styling your ‘do and wearing this trend with confidence.

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