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About a month ago – I noticed these amazing quirky stylish photos from the dynamic duo behind TSOQ on my Facebook feed.

I got really excited about this and totally love their vibe!  The are risque, cute, sexy and fun – everything that Toronto represents to me.  When I go back to Toronto this fall, I will definitely pay them a visit.  I have an eye for spotting talent – Like Nicki Minaj’s mixtape back in 08 and I know TSOQ is going be successful! It will become the go-to destination for sassy girls in Toronto who didn’t forget how to have fun!  If I had a store, it might look a bit like this one!

PS: They have a casting call today at 6pm

Casting Call: Tuesday, Sept. 11th @ 6pm

We are looking for fashionistas that push all boundaries to set trends. Someone who is fun, out-going and charismatic. Hard working individuals with goal oriented minds. Retail and sales experience preferred. Part time positions only.

“A friendship founded on business is a good deal better than a business founded on friendship.” – John D. Rockefeller
That is just exactly what happened.

On a magical leap year day in 2012, Fashion Buyer, Valentina, and Fashion Designer, Angela, came together with a brilliant idea of starting their very own fashion boutique, The Store on Queen (also known as TSOQ).

Fashion Designer Angela Phung

On February 29th, Angela woke up with an empowering feeling and tweeted “…feeling magical today!” The girls met up for lunch at the General County to catch up on each other’s lives. During lunch, the girls had both talked about not feeling at home in Toronto, because there is nothing in the city exciting enough to ground them. Both being in the fashion industry, they talked about how fun it would be to do something together.

Before the two met, Valentina had owned a store and sold it when she moved to Toronto a year ago. She had spent the last year actively searching for the storefront on Queen Street to call her own, but have not been successful. The space was either is too large or the rent was too high.

Fashion Buyer/Stylist Sunday Valentine

Angela had recently moved to Toronto in October of 2011 to take a year off after dedicating several years launching her restaurant businesses in cities West of Ontario. She planned to travel the world and get to know the city until Fall of 2012 before looking to launch another business here.

After a perfect date day filled with tea, cupcakes and macaroons, they drove down Queen Street to head home. As Angela drove, Valentina saw a 3 x 5-inch hand-written sign on a store window that read: “For Rent”. She abruptly said, “stop the car!” They immediately made a U-turn and pulled over in front of the store, both of them had thought that it was most likely advertising for the residential rental space above the store. Valentina called the number and it turned out to be for the commercial space and it was the perfect square-footage and price. Without thinking twice, the girls looked at each other and said, “Let’s do it”.

TSOQ – The Store On Queen

719 Queen Street West
Toronto, On
SUN 12-5 MON-WED 12-6, THURS 12-7, FRI 11-7,SAT 11-6
(647) 748 TSOQ

Sending love your way and good luck with your store girls!

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