Polish Yourself for Autumn with @EssieNailPolish

My favorite season, Autumn, is just around the corner. Not only do I love the crisp smell of the air and the sound of crunchy leaves, but I absolutely just adore the colors. Darker colors like deep reds and plums, forest greens, deep blues, and dramtic greys start appearing on not only clothes, but on finger nails aswell. For those of you who arent into those colors Autumn makes room for deeper pinks and nudes and beiges(it’s a happy medium).

These are some of my favorite Nail Polishes by Essie for this season upcoming season. Try some of them out and let me know what you think. You can find similar colors from other brands,but these are just some of my favorites

All of these colors can be found at Essie’s Company Webiste. On the website they can be purchased for $8.00 but you can check discount beauty supply stores like Sally’s, Ulta, and Harmon. You may even be able to find them on sale at a local convenient/drugstore. All of these colors are really pretty and would look great on any skin tone.

I cant wait for Fall!!!!


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