Event LOVE: @MassimoDutti Store Opening

“The Massimo Dutti woman aims for a style that is personal, while adding touches of fashion trends set on international catwalks.”

On Thursday night we celebrated the grand opening of Massiom Dutti in Toronto at the Eaton Centre.  This is the first-ever Massimo Dutti North American store, and let me tell you, as soon as you walk in, you instantly get this STRONG desire to shop! The clothing is fantastic of course, but I just love how the store is set up; it’s beautifully decorated, everything from the lighting and furniture to the way that the clothing is displayed. It’s just lovely in there. I got a lovely and informative tour of the store and everything Massimo Dutti from Aaron, during which I found so many pieces that MUST be mine, come rain or shine.

Look for Aaron when you go, he knows everything about Massimo Dutti, and he’s super friendly 🙂

Robyn and Tamika 🙂

Beautiful and is smooth like butter baby! This is part of the men’s collections, but it should totally be mine.

Christina rocking a cute Massimo Dutti dress 🙂

and cute shoes to match!

The food was AMAZING! I ate, and ate.. and ate 🙂

The lovely miss hawley dunbar 🙂

“…the Massimo Dutti man has had a unique personality that translates through the collections, using high quality materials and interesting combinations of textures and styles.”

the attention to detail is EVERYTHING.

“…the Massimo Dutti woman is a city dweller, practical, elegant, and contemporary who believes in her style and knows what she wants.”

it was love at first sight, feel and wear.

pretty and yummy all at the same time!

so lovely seeing you again 🙂

love these!

there was food for days…

Clean. Feels like heaven. Need.

le cuteness 🙂

need these scarves in my life…

More pics coming!

Thank you so much for inviting us, I had a lovely time, the store and the clothing (both the men’s and women’s collections) are wonderful!!


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