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Shopping Haul!!!

Okay so this weekend. I was totally looking forward to shopping till I dropped in the lovely New York. Unfortunately I had to settle for NJ but my adventure was a success none the less. When I tend to shop I look for key pieces that will give my outfit a soft touch but make a loud statement. I look for clothing that will compliment my skin tone but will definitely speak volumes along with my jewelry!

This fall season I will load up on tons and tons of scarves and sweaters. Ranging from all different shapes, sizes, and colors.

Enough about me, here’s what I was able to find:

Summer time has ended but that doesn’t mean staying in style ends. The above Addidas Athletic gray jacket with pink stripes cost $79.99. Fortunately for me it was on sale which bumped it down to $59. While adding my military discount I got this baby bumped to a nice $39, saving a total of $40!!!

Can you say WIN!!!

Fall is the perfect season to find those boots and sweaters to wear to a college football game or run to class in!

Above: Charlotte Russe, Crystal-Studded flat Opal Earrings $5 ( two for $10).

Left: Charlotte Russe, 3-Pack of Pastel Colored Studded Earrings $5 ( two for $10).

 Right: Rue 21, 3-Pack of Natural Colored Bangles $2.

All the above jewelry can go from day to night, work to out on the town. I prefer to buy simple jewelry that can go with just about anything.

The above sweater was purchased at Forever 21, for only $15! A pastel green, multi-ribbed knit great for the fall.

Now many may not think that is not a sale but this plain sweater has so much potential.

I could through some pins, or some loud jewelry with it to make it stand out.

When it gets colder I can even through a couple of colorful scarves to spice things up!

My first blazer was purchased at Forever 21 for only $22! I found this on a rack of multi-colored salmon blazers.

The pink will give me a soft touch with the harsh reds and oranges that will soon be showing outside.

It’s not a heavy blazer meant to keep one warm but more for the style side.

This blazer will go perfectly with the new black heel boots I got from ALDO.

All the above clothing are statement makers. I want to walk into any setting a turn heads. I’m attempting to update my wardrobe, this is only the beginning. I’m blossoming into a lady and boy is this road interesting. My next adventure will be trying on makeup! I can’t wait to show you how it turns out…of course with a little practice first. For more on my shopping endeavors check me out on twitter @Rags2Ink.


Event LOVE: Rickard’s Cardigan Tasting @RickardsBeer

We went to the launch of Rickard’s Cardigan about a week ago, and I have to admit that I was a little uneasy about attending a beer launch/tasting, simply because I don’t like beer, therefore, I don’t drink beer…BUT, I was pleasantly surprised! The first thing that came to mind, or rather to tastebud was apple pie… yes eating warm apple under a warm cozy blanket…mmmm (the beer wasn’t warm of course). Of all the beers I’ve ever tasted, this is totally my favourite, it’s easy to drink, and it’s delicious! Did I mention that it tastes like apple pie??? Perfect for fall drinking!

“Rickard’s Cardigan is the first seasonal beer under the Rickard’s brand portfolio.”

hey hey hey 🙂

“…An autumn spiced lager infused with seasonal spices of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and a hint of brown sugar..”

noms that go PERFECTLY with the beer!

 always fun times with casie!

If you’re a lover of beer, I definitely recommend giving Rickard’s Cardigan a try, as it tastes good and goes down nice and easy. If you’re not a beer lover well… try it anyway! This is a seasonal beer done right!

I think it goes without saying that I had a good time… can’t you tell? 🙂

Thank you so much for inviting me, and for the beer!!!

peace and love


Did you know? Rickard’s beers are brewed naturally using the finest ingredients and do not contain any additives or preservatives.

@Ford Fusion in New York Time Square

This week in Manhattan’s Times Square, Ford Motor Company CEO Alan Mulally was joined by American Idol host Ryan Seacrestfor the announcement of the 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid that gets an EPA estimated 47 mpg city, 47 mpg highway and 47 mpg combined.

As part of the celebration, Seacrest announced the next chapter in the Random Acts of Fusion campaign, “47 Challenges, 47 Days.” Each day a new challenge will be revealed involving the number 47, and fun and simple photos that participants can take and upload. Three participants will win a 2013 Fusion. Head over to Random Acts of Fusion to take part.

Get more info on


@RedBull Curates Gives You Wings (and Art!)

The Big Apple showed big support for New York City artists during Red Bull Curates: The Canvas Cooler Project event and exhibition hosted at Villain in Williamsburg, Brooklyn last Thursday. The final leg of the three-city competition drew a capacity crowd of nearly 2,000 art enthusiasts attending and voting for their favorite custom-designed Red Bull coolers, crafted by 30 urban, contemporary and street artists. The functional pieces of art will be installed in top venues throughout the city.

During the much anticipated finale, works by Gerardo Cid and L’Amour Supreme received the most votes from the curatorial panel of judges led by Daria Brit Shapiro, of the internationally renowned SCOPE Art Show, contemporary pop artist Ron English and Carlo McCormick, Senior Editor of PAPER Magazine.  Throughout the night, thousands of guests voted for their favorite canvas wrapped coolers and ultimately honored artists CLAW MONEY and KOSBEwith the Audience Choice Awards.

All four New York area artists will join the winners from Los Angeles and Chicago in an all-expense paid trip to Miami to participate in a Red Bull Curates group show at SCOPE Miami during Art Basel, where they will have the chance to exhibit and sell works from their own collections.

According to Ron English:  “This project gives [artists] accessibility to places larger than the community they are currently in…they develop relationships with the pieces they created reflecting their own personal growth as artists and it is truly phenomenal to be a part of.”

For more information on the featured artists and where their works will be displayed throughout New York City, please see below:

Artist                                        Venue

            ADAM DARE                                  Matchless

                Ari Lankin                               K&M

                Borbay                                                 Epaulet Shop

                CAKE                                      The Wick

                ChrisRWK                               Frank’s Chop Shop

                CLAW                                                 Reed Space

                Dan Wonderly                         Hope Garage

            Dark Clouds                            Merle’s Music Studio

            Gerardo Cid                             Cantina Royal

                Ian Kuali’i                               Tender Trap

                Jason Woodside                       Karmaloop

                Jeremy Penn                            King & Grove Williamsburg

                Joseph Meloy                          Greenwood Park

            Josh Slater                               Public Assembly

            Julian Rapp                              Gallery Bar

            Kevin William Reed                Project Parlor

            Kosbe                                      Matchless Band Room

                L’Amour Supreme                   Mishka

            Leah Matthews                        Sugarland

                Matt Dobbs                                        The Charleston

                Matt Dranes                             The Bedford

                Michael Serafino                     Hole Gallery

            ND’A                                       Knitting Factory

                Paul Zepeda                             PiPs

                Royce Bannon                         Invisible Tattoos

                Russell King                            Legion

                Ryan Humphrey                      Saint Vitus

                See One                                   Glasslands

                Stephanie Ng                           Marci Park

                TONE TANK                           Franklin Park

Find out more about how Red Bull gives artists wings at

(Photo credit: Ryan Zimmerman/Red Bull Content Pool).

Arts Fund produces and invests in independent music, art and film initiatives and their connections to the audience. To learn more, please visit and

With more than 50 art fairs spanning more than a decade, SCOPE has solidified its position as the premier showcase for international emerging contemporary art and multi-disciplinary creative programming. Renowned for presenting the most innovative galleries, artists and curators, SCOPE Art Shows in Miami, Basel, New York, London and the Hamptons have garnered extensive critical acclaim, with sales over $300 million and attendance of more than 500,000 visitors. Learn more at

Villain operates a 5,000-square-footevent and photo space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, minutes from downtown NYC. Originally a 19th century textiles warehouse, The Space at Fifty North Third accommodates up to 400 standing, or 120 seated. Managed by Villain, a leading NYC event production company, The Space at Fifty North Third features extensive in-house AV and lighting equipment along with design and fabrication services. A fully customizable/paintable mural space is available on the front of the building to brand any events.

It is located at 50 N. 3rd St., Williamsburg, Brooklyn, N.Y. Connect with Villain at


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Goose Down-Filled Dog Coat from @JoyPetsProducts

Sky Blue Silver Grey Goose Down Coat from Joy Pet Products

We are on the last legs of summer right now and fall means one thing for dog owner – Time to shop for coats! We recently tried a brand new coat from our friends at Joy Pet Products. You know it is filled with real down because it smells like down pillows and down duvets! The down that Joy Pets Products used is cleaned between 10 – 15 times and the standard is 2 – 5 times because of dog’s sensitivity to smell.

The Joy Pet Products Goose Down Filled Dog Coat has a removable poly fill hood and a 3M reflective piping for safety. This new version of the dog coat feels lighter than their previous Original Goose Down Filled Dog Coat because its made with soft water resistant nylon on both sides. It is super warm for short coat wimpy dogs like Jacob because it still has the same high fill power white goose down.

The best part of these nylon coats without the fleece layer is that they prevent shedding inside the coat and fur bits getting stuck. They are fully reversible for two different looks, adjustable fit and machine wash and dry for easy wear – easy care.

Side view of the coat – The hood is a bit small to actually use but it is cute and removable!

*The hood is actually meant to be worn as shown on our site to give extra neck coverage.  It’s helpful for dogs who have longer bodies but don’t need a larger size coat.

It is also reversible grey.

This coat is available in Sizes XXS through XL for $129.99 Made in Canada or USA.

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Your Last Chance to Get on the Gladiator Train

If you’ve paid any attention to fashion over the past few seasons, chances are you’ve seen the gladiator sandal. This distinctive footwear has been in the spotlight for several years now. The shoes can be worn with almost any outfit, from long, flowy dresses to shorts. However, gladiator sandals may not compliment every body type.

Understanding the Trend

When you consider the visual appeal and adaptability of the gladiator sandal, it’s easy to understand why they’re so popular among women of all ages. For example, gladiator sandals are available with high heels, stilettos, wedge heels and no heel at all. These sandals are also available in a wide variety of patterns and colors, making them the perfect addition to almost any outfit.

Because so many brands have manufactured their own versions of the gladiator sandal, the competition in the market is fierce, which is advantageous for consumers. With brands competing for your business, it’s easy to find an attractive and affordable pair of gladiator sandals that you love.

Gladiator Sandals and Body Types

Though most people can find at least one pair of gladiator sandals that work well with their body type (and in fact, there are even gladiator sandals for men), certain consumers have to be more careful with these shoes than others. For example, if you have short legs, larger calves or thick ankles, some gladiators may accentuate these qualities. Make sure you check out the mirror before you make a purchase.

Choosing Gladiator Sandals

With so many varieties of gladiator sandals available, it can be difficult to make a choice. When choosing a pair of sandals to add to your wardrobe, remember to look at the quality of the material, the aesthetic appeal and the versatility. For example, if you want a pair of sandals that you can wear with almost anything, consider the Sky by Wolky. With its contoured cork footbed and memory foam sole, this pair of Wolky sandals is perfect for anyone who spends time on her feet. In addition, because these sandals are a neutral shade, you can wear them with most outfits.

If you’re looking for a dressier or more unique gladiator sandal, consider Sam Edelman’s designs. Sam Edelman offers sandals in a variety of colors and styles to complement virtually any ensemble. Prices on Sam Edelman sandals vary considerably, ranging from around $60 to more than $200.

For the past few summers, gladiator sandals have been all the rage. If you haven’t bought your own pair yet, there’s still time! Before you choose your perfect pair, remember to consider the way they look on your feet, the price, how often you’ll be able to wear them and whether or not they’re comfortable. Happy shopping!