Posts Written On September 18, 2012

2 for 1 Promotion @EmerginC: C U There!

I’m a fan of vitamin C serums as some of you know by now (check out my obagi post if not!) so here’s a sweet deal with emerginC that I wanted to share with you guys! Hopefully you’ll give it a try during this sweet promotional time, I’ll ‘C’ you there!

Spotless Skin You Can “C”

emerginC’s tried and true vitamin C serum and spot lightening gel have been proven to even skin tone, smooth texture, and fade dark spots with a high dosage of vitamin C. These products contain key vitamins and plant-based complexes to combat sun damage and reveal a spotless complexion.


Starting this week you can treat yourself to both products for the price of one!

Offer valid:  Monday, September 17th through Monday, September 24th for $79

For more info, visit –




Event LOVE: @Swarovski Fashion Suite #SwarovskiRedCarpet

We got to attend an exclusive sneak peek of the Swarovski Fashion Suite, about a week ago and it was pure crystal heaven! The suite featured one-of-a-kind couture creations, the Bond 50th Anniversary collection, as well as the Kingdom of Jewels Fall/Winter 2012 collection. It was super hot and humid outside, but once I walked into the Swarovski Fashion Suite, I instantly cooled down, or maybe it was because I was too distracted by all the beautiful crystal pieces to care that I was dripping with sweat… whatever the case may be, the only thing on my mind was taking in all that crystal goodness. We sipped on prosecco and snacked on canapé’s while resisting the urge to jack a few of the pieces that were on display… beautiful torture.

Here are some of my favourite pieces!

one of my favourite pieces!

pretty clutches


even casie couldn’t resist.

pretty 🙂

all kinds of delicious noms!

love this.






Now for the couture creations that damn near blew my mind!!

I’d totally rock the one on the right!

goodness gracious me!

Stardust Galaxy… 150 000 stones!!

oh my gawd… yes

yes. please. YES.

ugh… love it so much it makes me sick

so pretty 🙂

her yellow pants are everything!

there’s always something for the men 🙂

some of the Bond 50th Anniversary collection

loved roula’s nails 🙂

my love…

Thank you so much for inviting me, I always have a lovely time at Swarovski events!

peace and love



@RuffWear Quinzee 4 Paws Up!

For those of use who are not ready to say good bye to summer, here is something to be excited for as the temperature drops.

The Ruffwear Quinzee is the warm, lightweight dog jacket made of recycled materials, synthetic insulation and offers warmth without the bulk. It comes in XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL in Granite Gray and Red Rock. It retails for $84.95 and worth every pretty penny!

I am so excited about this coat for several reasons. I have been on the hunt for the perfect winter coat for Jacob for the last 6 winters and this is very very close to perfection! Some of the issues I had with other dog coats on the market include:

1. Fleece lined on the inside (which his fur sticks to and then itches him on the inside)
2. Not enough coverage for his furless belly
3. Zippers that undo, shift or hard to do up
4. Jackets that move in the wind or the back lifts up over his butt
5. Lack of design, cool factor of the sporty look

There are SO MANY cool features about Quinzee and they address all 5 issues I was looking for in the ideal jacket for ‘dogs on the go’. Jacob has lived in Niagara Falls as a pup and then Toronto from 1-3 then to Los Angeles from 3-5 and now New York for the last 2 years – He had his share of planes, trains, cars and walks all over.

There are 2 quick release buckets on the left and right so it makes putting on and taking off the coat totally painless and easy!

The chest and belly are covered and warm with the Quinzee

This zipper in the neck part makes it a breeze to put on over his head and the small tab secures and hides the technical zipper (that has a rubber tab instead of metal). The light gray piping is 3M reflector – Great for safety!

Totally fashionable, sporty and has that dose of ‘Nike’ cool.

The Light Loop is for night walks, camping and if you want to secure a blinky bike light to your dark dog. Ruffwear is by far the best designed dog apparel company out there that I know of. They keep big dogs in mind, designed for active dogs and also made by dog owners, dog lovers and KNOWLEDGEABLE dog people who know how dogs play, move, live and interact with one another.

Now for the coolest feature on the Quinzee ->the STUFF SACK…

What is this stuff sack? I thought it was for putting your keys in or something but… I was wrong – It’s like a miniature sleeping bag!

Roll the Quinzee up and it’s compact, ready to go in your suitcase, camping backpack, bike or car.

A cute tag to put your name and number on in case collars or tags fall off. Reminds me of my own jacket in grade school.

The wind is 50 miles an hour today in Brooklyn and Jacob grabs his Quinzee before our walk and gives it 4 paws up!

For more info on the incredible Quinzee and other Ruffwear products, vitis

*this product was sent for review from our friends at Ruffwear


DIY Hand Sanitizer

September marks the start of the season every parent comes to dread: cold and flu season. As children take their play indoors, germs circulate more quickly, leading to six months of increased infections that can, at any point, turn a day of school or work into cancelled meetings and time spent coughing on the couch.

As with all illnesses, prevention is better than the cure. While many parents turn to hand sanitizer to kill germs, these store-bought concoctions can contain alcohol and harsh chemicals. Dr. Lawrence Rosen, a nationally recognized expert in Pediatric Integrative Medicine, shares this recipe for a gentler – and equally effective – homemade hand sanitizer:

Homemade Hand Sanitizer

•       3 oz. filtered water
•       1 tsp. aloe vera gel
•       10 drops cinnamon essential oil
•       10 drops clove essential oil
•       10 drops rosemary essential oil
•       10 drops eucalyptus essential oil
•       20 drops lemon oil

Instructions: Mix ingredients in a 4-ounce spray dispenser, and shake gently. Spray on children’s hands, and teach them to massage the spray into their hands for 30 seconds. The result is a natural, chemical free, hand sanitizer to keep germs at bay.

Of course, some illnesses are unavoidable. When a cold or flu does strike, Dr. Rosen recommends using Sambucol (black elderberry extract) to help alleviate symptoms faster. Researchers have found that influenza patients treated with elderberry recover four days faster, on average, than those not receiving treatment. Elderberry is safe for children two years or older – which means your kids can get back to school faster when recovering from the flu.

Dr. Rosen, along with holistic-minded parent Jeff Cohen, recently published a book of natural remedies for nearly 100 common childhood ailments – everything from acne to urinary tract infections. The book, Treatment Alternatives for Children: Reduce Serious Side Effects with Natural Equivalents to Conventional Remedies for Common Childhood Ailments, is a resource for parents who want to find alternatives to prescription antibiotics and other conventional treatments that sometimes have harsh side effects. Like Dr. Rosen’s approach to preventing, and treating, the flu, each ailment is addressed from the perspective of the child’s overall wellbeing.