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How to Pull Off a Chic Ballerina Bun Like @laurenconrad

For years, the high bun has been making a fashion statement. It’s a comfortable style that can create a classy look for a black tie affair. Just look at Sarah Jessica Parker during her “Sex in the City” days; she could rock a bun with any outfit.

The high bun is a sweet style and takes just minutes to put together. Many women may think their hair is too thin. However, with a little help from a foam hair donut, anyone can have the full-bun do. All you need is a comb, hair donut, two elastic ties and hairpins. Once you’ve gathered your supplies, follow these quick steps to get that classy look you’re looking for.

  1. Pull your hair up into a ponytail – Make it tight, so the style lasts all day. Place the cusp of the tail where you want the bun. Don’t worry about a few stray hairs that fall down. That just adds chic to the look.
  2. Slide a hair donut over the ponytail – Push your hair through the donut hole and press the sponge against your head.
  3. Fan the ponytail over the donut to create the bun – You are turning the ponytail inside out over the foam. When you find the center of your ponytail, smooth it down around the insert. Make sure to cover the surface of the donut completely. You don’t want any foam peeking out.
  4. Secure the hair by sliding an elastic tie over the top of the donut – It pulls the strands tight around the foam.
  5. Twist the hair sticking out around the donut and tuck it under the foam – This allows you to pin the twisted ends into place.

You might need a little hairspray to tighten it all up and smooth it out. The finished look should be sleek looking. Keeping it a little messy around your face and neck gives the style a little sex appeal, but you don’t want it to look shabby, so don’t go crazy!

Life is tricky enough. Balancing work, home and fun takes smarts, but your hair should be something that adds to your look without adding stress to your life. The high bun gives the impression you just threw your hair up without even thinking about it, but you are too classy to be sloppy.

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@Custo_Barcelona in Action at NY Fashion Week

Custo Barcelona presented X-ray, its new Spring-Summer 2013 collection, during New York Fashion Week. The collection invites viewers to conjure up the firm’s color and graphic universe through the filter of transparencies.

Created in the union of components to formulate one-of-a-kind fabrics and innovative textures, X-rayexudes architectural lines and sheer, comfortable volumes, together with pieces that hug more closely to the body. Graphics inspired by the seabed, the cosmos and the constellations are also prominent on the lighter pieces and can be found on mirror-like fabrics and silk and nylon transparencies.

Netting and tulle in bright colors also prevail as key fabrics in the collection, in coordination with metallic film prints, Lurex, elastic bands in various shades and geometric lace. Natural-fiber jacquards in fluorescent colors further form the basis of this new graphic collection by Custo.

Custo Barcelona offered a bright and varied palette in both the women’s and men’s collections, featuring everything from pastel colors and whites to the most acid of greens, streaked with daring strokes of black. All in all, it represented an avant-garde fusion of colors to form dresses, tunics, unstructured suits and even a swimwear line.

In accessories, the glasses were handmade from acetate in pastel tones with futuristic touches especially for the catwalk. The bags and watches played on the genuine, colorful geometric design and combined flawlessly with the palette used in the garments, making them the perfect final touch to top off the looks in X-ray.

The runway show was attended bya multitude of spectators, who did not want to miss a single detail of the new Custo Barcelona collection. Seated in the front row were Alexa Ray Joel, America’s Next Top Model Judge Jay Manuel, Celebrity Stylsit June Ambrose, Miss Universe Leila Lopes, Miss Teen  USA Logan West, Actor Vincent De Paul, and James Goldstein among many others.

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OOTD: Brooklyn Style

If New York is a fashion capital then and Brooklyn is the style capital.  The eclectic community is so diverse and everyone brings their own inspiration and the mix and matching contributes to the taste that is so Brooklyn. Here are some looks that are oh SO BK 🙂

Shop less and be creative with your closet. You might surprise yourself with what you come up with.

Hope you love them and try to push your style envelope this fall!