Posts Written On September 12, 2012

Get High with @AmericanFlyInc

Breaking barriers is the only way to describe what the designers, models and masterminds are doing at American-Fly.

A well known clothing company among celebrities and those of us on the East Coast of the US.

American-Fly came about through Antonio Duncan a Brooklyn, NY native. Antonio took the idea from years of experience working with different fashion industries, such as the well known Roca Wear. Wanting his own thing Mr. Duncan took it to the next level and created American-Fly. From this higher than life company  came the masterminds of Joey (Joseph) Belony, Tip Top, and Joseph Walton (all Brooklyn natives) who have assisted in the up bringing. Now being that I’m pretty dope. I was able to speak with Joseph Walton and get an exclusive look into American-Fly.

Q: What exactly do you do within American-Fly?

Joseph: Um…I help with input and design. I model. I market. I bring it to the ATL. I’m like the advertising portion.

Q: How long has AF been around?

J: Since 2010, so two years in the making so far.

Q: What’s your favorite part of your job?

J: Stunting on other clothing lines that think they cool (laughing)…I’m just joking. On a serious note, when you see someone copying your stuff. You know your doing something right!

Q: What’s the strangest thing you’ve heard since being apart of AF?

J: We went to this Otis video shoot. The car that was in the video was brought back to SOHO, Manhattan. Of course there were guards watching the vehicle.

(Joseph and his cousin, Antonio Duncan had to prove that AF was their clothing line and give the guards some of their gear to get a pic with the car).  These girls came and wanted a picture with the car too. Saying they loved us and this and that. We were like “Who are we?” The girls replied, “American Eagle.


Q: Wow…so if you could give any advice to someone out their who is working on a dream such as this, what would it be?

J: You should have faith in yourself, you never know. If you don’t no one else will.

Q: Is there anything we should be on the lookout for?

J: Fall collection dropping soon…no more street wear. Awesome fall collection (laughs), that’s all I’m saying.

Q: Any last comments or words?

J: Um…American-Fly is NOT a lifestyle. You are born with a gift…if your not consistent with it you mind as well not even mention yourself with us.

Shopping at American-Fly will definitely be on my to do list for my fall wardrobe.

With stars like Fabulous  and many other wearing this attire, there is no doubt that this gear is nothing but the perfect gift for the special boo in your life.

Everything from shopping, press, photos, and models can all be viewed on

Go grab something and get lifted.

All  photography taken by American-Fly. All Rights Reserved.


SS2012 @CarlosCamposNYC

There’s a nip in the air and leaves on the ground, so you know that can only mean one thing — Fall is now in full swing. But before we trade our neon tanks for fur vests, New York Fashion Week gives us one final dose of Summer fashion (for 2013, that is).

Designer Carlos Campos brings on the brights in Men’s fashion with his Spring/Summer 2013 Preview debuted on Sunday, September 9th. The collection featured bright cobalt blues, sunshine yellows, and cool ivory and whites, taking inspiration from the modern designs of Spanish architecture and sculptor, Santiago Calatrava. “Calatrava is known for taking a minimalist approach, creating impressive spaces and structures while keeping those spaces open and clean,” says Campos. And that’s exactly what he’s done.

Campos’ signature design aesthetic & a specific vein of inspiration has combined to produce a distinctive SS collection that fuses great fashion with a distinctly architectural sensibility.

 Jack wears blanco single breasted two button blazer, ticket pockets, blanco long sleeve woven shirt, blanco ribbed textured cotton shorts.

Matt wears blanco hooded raincoat, hidden and exposed buttons, blanco stellar printed long sleeve woven shirt, blanco ribbed textured cotton trousers.

Zakaria wears oro striped printed woven shirt, cross grain panel, hidden and exposed buttons, oro ribbed textured cotton trousers.

Nicholas wears oro stellar printed patch pocket blazer, oro stellar printed cotton shorts, oro stellar printed long sleeve woven shirt, hidden buttons and contrasting blanco sleeves.

Jacob wears blanco striped V-neck sweater, azul ribbed textured cotton trousers.

Max wears azul field jacket, waistband drawstrings, azul long sleeve woven shirt, hidden buttons, azul cuffed cotton trousers.

Ton wears azul short sleeve woven shirt, hidden buttons, azul ribbed textured cotton trousers.

Nicholas wears verde short sleeve woven shirt, hidden buttons, verde ribbed textured cotton trousers, contrasting belt loop.

Charlie wears verde single-breasted blazer, ticket pockets, verde long sleeve woven shirt, verde cuffed cotton trousers.