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Fresh Clothing, Refreshing Taste: @MintCrew

I am a avid blogger on No, I’m not an addict but I love the website because I find new and interesting things on a daily basis. That’s how I found Mint Crew. A fresh and upcoming clothing group that is about to take LA by storm!

Based out of California, three (now) teenagers came up with the idea of calling themselves the Mint Crew. When they started putting it on shirts and making a profit is about the time it became a realistic dream to the trio. I did an interview with Mint Crew for an exclusive play by play of their journey into the fashion world.

Q: So where are each of you from? 

Max – Los Angelos, CA.

Orcino – Temecula, CA.

Darryl – Alhambra, CA.

Q: So what exactly do you do within and outside of Mint Crew? 

M – I do the resources and the marketing. I’m also going to school undecided for now.

O –  Marketing, shipping and I’m going to school for Business Administration.

D – I am the designer and I’m going to school for Fashion.


Q: Who came up with the idea and when did it become a reality? 

All three: It just happened. When we became popular.

Q: How long has Mint Crew been around? 

D – Since we’ve been born (laughs).

Both Max and Orcino – Since February 2011.

Q: Who and what inspires your style? 

M – Me. (Chuckles). Um…Black Scale and Undefeated Clothing.

O – Pharrell Williams inspires my style.

D – If I look at something and like it it inspires me. ASAP Rocky and Loud Clothing also inspire me though.

Q: What’s the favorite part of your job? 

Darryl and Max – When people buy our items!

O – Traveling to LA, even though its not that far!

Q: What’s the strangest thing you’ve heard so far since starting Mint Crew?

M – “You inspire me.” It’s weird to hear people say we inspire them.

It looks like Mint Crew isn’t all that used to their success! It’ll come in time though.

Q: What’s the best advice you could offer someone in your position? 

M – Don’t second guess yourself. Just have fun.

O – Don’t overwork yourself and have goals.

Q: Anything we should look out for in the upcoming months? 

All three – Five Panel Hats.

Q: Last comments/words? 

D – Do what you do.

M – Be who you are and don’t let people tell you that you can’t do something.

O – Mint is not only a clothing brand we are also a family.


To stay updated on the Crew and their fashion endeavors check them out on :

Twitter @MintCrew



All photos taken by Mint Crew. All rights reserved.



@Sebamed Spa Shower

Showers are so relaxing when you have the right ambiance, music, temperature, water pressure and shower gel!  I recently tried this mild soap-free shower gel from Sebamed. It has extracts from water lilies that prevents over dryness and refreshes the skin!

Because it has a pH value of 5.5, same as healthy skin, it maintains the skin barrier and prevent over dryness.

It smells great and it is free of soap, alkali and paraben. Super 🙂


Find out more on


Have You Tried SmartMune

“Intelligent Immune System Support”

I recently got back from 8 weeks of traveling, and spent a good chunk of my time jumping on and off planes. Travelling usually makes me really tired, reeks havoc on my skin, and I usually catch some form of a cold, long story short, my health always seems to suffer. Lucky for me, I received a bottle of SmartMune, and as soon as I read all of the wonderful things it does, I promptly popped one in my mouth before jumping on the plane.

So what’s SmartMune?? SmartMune is a natural ingredient that is clinically proven to strengthen the body’s key immune responses. It activates billions of innate immune cells that are part of the body’s natural defences without overstimulating the immune system.

So what does it do exactly?

  • Strengthens the function of key immune cells
  • Maintains energy, vitality and mental clarity, reduces fatigue and tension
  • Activates key immune cells to protect against the harmful effects of stress
  • Supports general health and well-being
Once swallowed, immune cells in the gastrointestinal tract take up SmartMune and transport it to immune organs throughout the body. While in the immune organs, immune cells called macrophages digest SmartMune into smaller fragments and slowly release them over a number of days.

 What makes SmartMune so special? The biological activity of SmartMune is a result of its unique molecular structure. The molecular difference between SmartMune and other immune products is significant because even the slightest structural difference can affect bioactivity.

So basically, I never had any colds, headaches, no tension, no fatigue, NADA. I was perfectly fine throughout my entire vacation, despite getting on and off a plane at least once a week. For more info on SmartMune visit their website, there’s also SmartMune for kids!

stay healthy 🙂


ps: SmartMune is also free of any genetically modified organisms and is non-allergic.


Green time with @Sproutwatches

Sprout Watches is doing something no watch company has ever done!  They have created fun and fashionable accessories that are made of 80% bio degradable materials including: corn resin case & buckle, organic cotton strap, bamboo dial, mineral crystal lens and mercury free battery!  They are based in NYC and have a huge range of eco-friendly watches that range from sporty, fun, cute to work friendly. They are for both green loving men and women.
Our friends at Sprout recently sent me the ST/5504GMGN watch below and I was blown away by the materials used to make it without sacrificing any fashionable style component! The conflict free diamonds add a bit of glitz to the organic cotton band. The corn resin watch and buckle are easy to close and sturdy. The mother of pearl face makes it oh-so-pretty!

  • Large scale green mother-of-pearl face with silver-colored Arabic numerals and indexes; 8 have conflict-free diamond accents
  • Silver-colored hands with sweep second hand
  • Light green organic cotton strap with matching top-stitching
  • Light green corn resin case, buckle and caseback; matching bezel
  • Silver logo
  • Mineral crystal lens
  • Mercury-free battery
  • Approx. band length: 240 mm
  • Approx. band width: 20 mm
  • Approx. case diameter: 44 mm
  • Quartz movement

I love it and will be wearing it all week for Fashion Week to make sure I am on time 🙂

This watch retails for $60 and you can get it on