Posts Written On September 02, 2012

Everyday Bracelets We Love!

I think of myself pretty much a minimalist and like the simple things in life. I live in a small condo (550 square feet), drive a mini cooper, wear jeans daily, and very little jewelry. So when I received the package of  3 GoodWood braclets from Karmaloop  I absolutley loved them. You can wear these with everything! Classic wooden bead bracelets for…..get this…..$20.00 for a pack of 3! Plus GoodWork jewelry is made in the USA.  Below are a few options they have. 

                             The GW Bracelet 3-Pack in Blue, Natural, & Dark Wood $20.00


                            The GW Bracelet 3-Pack in Natural, Red, & Brown $20.00

 I have been wearing the bracelets to yoga, parties, pretty much everyday. Check out the rest of gotta have GoodWood collection of jewelry at .






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Smooth Like Butter, Micron Fine Pens

As an self-taught artist I spend hours on hours in the arts and crafts section. I will literally spend two or more hours searching for the right materials needed to make what ever I concoct in my mind. Yesterday I went to Michael’s Art’s and Crafts store and bought something by mistake but actually ended up being a blessing. The Micron Fine Pen.

The Micron Pen came in a pack of six and ran me about $16.99. Though a bit pricey, I believe one should pay for quality. The mistake I made was getting the color set when I meant to get the regular black set. I love to sketch and practice all types of techniques, the right pen can make you or break you!

Ever since using the pen though I’ve had nothing but success. Of course you have to have a steady hand when drawing anything! The Micron Fine Pen makes it a whole lot easier to keep that straight line. With a point of .45mm it managed to so far create the smoothest  and crispest line I have yet to draw. The ink is also:

  • Waterproof
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Fade Resistant
  • Bleed Free (So Important)
  • Quick Drying
  • Ph Neutral

All the things you wouldn’t think to look for when trying to find the “perfect” pen but all important factors! Though a bit on the pricey side depending on how often you use them they can last around till around three months. The Micron Fine Pen is the pen I use each and every time to create all my art. For more examples of the smoothness I’m bragging about click here, LAINKWELL, to see it for your self. The proofs in the art!