Posts Written On September 01, 2012

Art Runs Through His Vains: @PaperFrank

Beauty, experience, and a journey can all be seen in Paper Frank’s artwork. I first met Paper Frank via Twitter in March 2012. Talking to him and appreciating his work has given me the push to continue on with my own work. From creating acrylic paintings to inking up art on bodies, his name says its all.

A self-taught artist out of Atlanta, he’s gotten involved in everything: graphic design, flat acrylic paintings, and tattoos. When I first came across his work I thought it was refreshing. The colors pop, the themes are entertaining, and the quality is all there.

He’s had a total of four solo shows and is only in his early twenties! His most recent show ” My Beautiful Anxiety” took place at Atlanta’s City of Ink on July 6, where Paper Frank works under thee Miya Bailey. If you have no idea what City of Ink is or who Miya Bailey is you haven’t truly lived yet. No worries though, this was once all a mystery to me as well.

When I reached out to him on Twitter I had no idea how well known his was. He even took the time out to drop some wisdom in my life, artist to artist. I’m glad I was able to speak with him, hopefully I can meet him in person one day! Maybe even get inked up! Until then I will continue to be inspired and support Paper Frank in his journey to success.

If you want to “peep” his work, you can check him out at Buy some of his work, vibe with his paintings and watch his growth, its a beautiful thing.

All photography was taken by PaperFrank. All rights reserved.