Stylish iPad Carrier by Duchess Case

The only thing you need for school this year is a Duchess Case. Stylish, chic and totally safe for your iPad – You will be turning heads around campus.

They come in an array of colors and textures like croc, plaid, floral and plain. The interior of the Duchess case is padded and scratch resistant for  the iPad. The clasp on the top is a snap closure and is very easy to open and close. The best part is that it looks just like a clutch.  There are 2 gold strands on the top that hang decoratively, I would not recommend holding the case by the strand. Instead, hold it like a clutch. Because the strands are different lengths, I don’t think it was meant to be used as a handle.

Here is the Pink one with the Gold Chain sent to me by Duchess Case along with my Gold Sam Edelman Lorissa!

Designed by Helek Studio, this iPad case speaks of high quality and craftsmanship. I love it and my iPad will be in this wherever I go!

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Helek Studio was founded in 2010 by Maya Rodan & Lidor Yaish, both industrial designers graduated from H.I.T. – Holon Institute of Technology, Israel. They met during their studies at H.I.T. and have been united both in art and in life ever since.
“Our workshop is located in Jaffa, one of the oldest cities in the world, in a colorful neighborhood neer Jaffa famous Flea market and old harbor. Our everyday lives are surrounded by lively markets, industrial workshops and a variety of cultures, which never ceases to inspire us. With all elements combined, we are influenced and motivated to think and create. In our workshop we design, model and manufacture custom made products in limited quantities. This insures you that your product is one of few, creating a bond between you, the product, and us”.


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