Be ‘Taken Away’ with @OfficialCalgon

You are never too old for a bath…especially after a long day of work. I recently received Calgon’s Ageless Bath Pearls and I could not wait to try it! The beads are filled with pearl powder, vitamin E and collagen to give your skin the moisture it needs.

All you need to do is pour a handful of the luminous pearl beads into warm running water and stir the water to help dissolve the beads. Your water and skin will both be ‘luminous’!

I love that this 16 oz. product will last awhile and it will only cost $6.49 when I run out. It smells amazing and makes my skin feel so soft and silky afterward. You also won’t get a greasy feeling so that is definitely a plus. You can find Calgon products online, or I know that they’re available at my local Rite Aid.

Relax, wind down, and enjoy a warm/hot bath!

Thank you to Calgon & Vivian for this de-stressing product! ‘Tweet’ to @OfficialCalgon and ‘Like’ on Facebook


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