Posts Written On August 31, 2012

Event LOVE: #AhSeyOne A Reggae Insiders Musical Journey

On Wednesday night, I found myself laughing, hugging, cheering, sipping on Brugal Rum cocktails, and jamming to some serious tunes by The Sattalites, Brendan Canning of Broken Social Scene and Cookie Duster. Ah Sey One is part of the Sceneopolis TO event series, and was hosted by Cameron Bailey, who I’m told is  “reggae aficionado,” however most of you know him as the artistic director of the Toronto Film Festival (TIFF).

Sweet sweet reggae music!

It was truly an awesome evening, the Sattalites gave us a lesson on the basics of reggae music from ska to dancehall, and they even touched on how rhythms differ, dub technology and the context of every genre in between songs.

I don’t normally drink rum… BUT… I will gladly sip on some Brugral Rum!

There seemed to be an endless supply of delicious Jamaican inspired  food and drinks provided by Harlem Restaurant, I mean mini-rotis, jerk chicken quesadillas, sweet potato spring rolls… yum! But what’s good food without good drink? We sipped on tasty Brugal Rum cocktails while eating, and rocking the night away, t’was wonderful!

Can you tell that I was having FUN…

Cameron Bailey and his wife 🙂

Brugal Rum. Yum.

always love seeing Christina!

Andie 🙂

Me and Casie! (thanks to praxispr for the the photo!)

Sun Ray!!

(thanks to praxispr for the the photo!)

It was such a fun night, and I met so many lovely people!

Thank you for inviting me 🙂


“Celebrating the Reggae movement and history”


Contest for You & Your Pet @BoswellSpeaks

If you have a furry, friendly companion, this will be a fun contest to enter and for a chance to be a part of Boswell Speaks eBook!

I previously wrote about Boswell Speaks (click here), an illustrated, e-book trilogy by Richard Grossman. It’s based off of Grossman’s Australian Terrier (Boswell) and his Twitter.

This contest begins September 1st, is free to enter, and you can also win prizes! Boswell needs a love companion and all you have to do is ‘tweet’ a photo of your pet to him (@BoswellSpeaks) and explain why they would make a good match!

The first 100 friends to send their photo will receive a flying disk with the Boswell Speaks logo and the winner will receive a $50 gift card from Petco.

Here’s 11-year old Maggie, who might be a little old for Boswell, but then I think she can be a cute, friendly, loving cougar!

For more information go to