Posts Written On August 23, 2012

CHANEL Haute Couture | Automne – Hiver 2012/13

Jewel tone hairnets, sparkly open weave berets, feathers, sheer, pearls, pomp0ms, tulle and quilted.

How can you not be excited for Fall/Winter with a line up like this from Chanel?!

Looks like high fashion this season is back with a playful twist – bye bye somber maroons and blacks and hello high touch and tons of movement. This is an exceptionally uplifting, sophisticated and whimsical collection. Can’t wait to see the off the runway interpretations we will see in street fashion!

CHANEL Haute Couture | Automne – Hiver 2012/13 from Trevor Undi on Vimeo.

Hypnotic runway fashion film by Director Trevor Undi, showcasing the Chanel Couture Autumn/Winter 2012/13 Collection.

 I know a thing or two about sparkly berets since um lets see 2005?


Back To Style with @TOEatonCentre

The Toronto Eaton Centre is currently running a Back To Style program that offers free private style consults for back to school 2012, and even though I’m not going back to school this fall (thank G-d), I still wanted to see what this program was all about. So I met up with Laura, my style consultant and she took me around Eaton Centre, taking me to different  stores that she thought would carry fashion and accessories that would suit my style.

Laura suggested these for me… She was totally on the money, I saw these and fell in love!

and this…

I also got to meet with Meredith Vlitas, Senior Marketing Director for the Eaton Centre, and after bombarding her with questions I found out that the Back To Style program isn’t only for back to school students, it’s for everybody! So whether you’re looking for a new fall wardrobe or just want to spice things up, the Toronto Eaton Centre style consultants are more than happy to help you. She also says that the program may run again next summer, and a few more times during the year!

Back To Style Consultant Laura Leroux was awesome!

You can book your appointment with one of the three style consultants through the Toronto Eaton Centre’s website. You can even read through their profiles, and pick the one you’d prefer to work with! The appointments can be made until  tomorrow August 24th, between 11 am and 8pm. Hurry!

Back To Style Consultants: Laura Leroux, Michelle Lundgren, and Chrissy Kingma

loved these!

As part of the Back To Style program, Toronto Eaton Centre will run a Back To Style Sweepstakes on it’s Facebook page, and prizes include a 2-hour style consultation with Alexis Honce (lead wardrobe stylist for Marilyn Denis on The Marilyn Denis Show) and $1,000 in Cadillac Fairview shop! card gift cards!!

Go book your appointment NOW!

Thank you to the Toronto Eaton Centre for inviting me 🙂

stay stylish!



Dirty Springwash @Lushcosmetics

I am a big fan of minty bath products and nothing gets the sweaty summer muck off the way this Lush bodywash does. It is slightly tingly (way less than Dr Bronners, so it doesn’t burn) and lathers beautifully! I am in love with the squeezable bottle and the color the the shower gel lights up my bathroom.

Living in New York City, I get my share of dirty the moment I leave my house!  You know NYC is notorious for street trash, tourist and coughing sneezing germy folks. On the subway where millions sit and touch, down the streets with pollutions a la subway, taxi, cars and more. Random dogs who lick you and worst of all, the pick up lines straight from Jersey Shore. Yuck!

Nothing gets me cleaner and fresher than Dirty Springwash by Lush.

From Lush: Out all night up to no good? Good on you. When it’s time to clean up your act and jolt yourself back to reality, have a wash with our tingly spearmint shower gel. Like a refreshing dip in a mountain spring, Springwash was invented for Dirty guys (and girls) everywhere. Spearmint and menthol crystals make your skin feel cool in a hot shower – you’ll feel fresher and ready to go in no time! As well as cleaning you up, there’s added glycerin and sea salt to soften your hair and skin while you’re washing up from last nights activities.

More on Lush’s Website!