Posts Written On August 21, 2012

20 Second Solution @ReStringIt

Gadgets are awesome!  I got the Restring It package last week and put it to the test. Lucky for me, I had a pair of sweatpants that always loses the drawstring in the wash.

This tool has and end to grab the string and a long flexible body and then another long needle at the other end. Works like  a charm is and is the newest member of my laundry room staples!

It is being called “the best thing since the dawn of the safety pin.” Re-String It solves drawstring woes in seconds. It is available for under $15 online on their website, Amazon, in over 360 “Play It Again Sports” stores, and now QVC just picked it up for their Sprout Campaign in September.  It was recently featured on a television newscast in the Carolinas in a segment called “Why Didn’t I Think of That!”

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Canadian Club #MixedandReady Cover Challenge Program @cc_whisky

Got an awesome package from Canadian Club!

Calling all unsigned Canadian bands!! The Canadian Club Mixed & Ready Cover Challenge Program is ready for you to showcase your unique talents and sounds. The contest launched last month, and will be running up until the 27th of August, so there’s still plenty of time for you go make a submission, as well as lots of time for your fans to vote for you! The judging period will take place between August 27th to September 10th, 2012, at which point winners will be chosen based on votes collected (25%) and judging panel scores (75%).

Totally gonna rock my #MixedandReady glasses for the rest of summer!

The winners will be announced on September 13th, 2012, and the winning band will receive $3,000 for transit to Toronto or new gear as well as studio time to record, mix, and master three songs! The winner of the voter prize will receive two Ticketmaster gift cards valued at $300.

The Ginger Ale is EVERYTHING! Perfect for summer…fall, winter and spring.

So now that you know the basics, here are the guidelines so that you can get to submitting your music ASAP.

  • Eligible bands and voters must be of legal drinking age and residents of Canada excluding Quebec.
  • The list of songs that are eligible for covers can be found on Facebook, at

Now you know everything. Good luck!!

peace and love



Event LOVE: @nikiandlola pop-up shop

“Boy meets girl. They get married, and have kids. She designs jewellery, and he makes it. That is where the story begins.”

Yesterday I went over to Sweet Woodruff flower shop to celebrate the launch of Niki & Lola’s “early nomad” capsule collection. I first saw a Niki & Lola piece on Angie a few months ago, and pretty much lost my marbles, so when I got the invite to the Niki & Lola pop-up shop event, there was just NO WAY that I was going to miss it. I loved every single piece in the collection. I love the simplicity, the attention to detail, I especially love how all the pieces have this strength to them, while being delicate at the same time. My faves were the shield ring, the kingdom necklace, and there was this crazy cuff  (I can’t remember what it was called but I LOVED it… I think it was called the Polygonia cuff).

This cuff WILL be mine one day. Love. Love. Love.

The shield rings!



Angie and Michael 🙂

The Agny Spear necklace

The Kingdom necklace. LOVE.

I love them both. yes.

Kourtney and Charise 🙂


The genius behind Niki & Lola

 omg… love

The Astra bangle

well done guys!!

my love…

Tricia Hall was there too 🙂

I had to 🙂

A HUGE thank you to Angie and Michael for allowing us to share in this special occasion. Wishing you all the best!!

peace and love



@Glitterlimes from @NYIGF 2012

Glitter Limes was one of the vendors in the Handmade section of this year’s New York International Gift Fair. The cutest part about these accessories is that they are handmade by designer Debbie Tuch in Brooklyn.  She has been crafting these pieces since 1996!

I love these, they are so cute and a perfect conversational piece with any outfit!

Rock Candy Earring in Topaz for $45 is definitely perfect for the sea foam color trend!

Know a veggie and fruit lover?  How about these necklaces fore them! Delicious 🙂

Find out more about Debbie’s line at